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    vogue art prints4

    A piece of art

    For the first time in history, British Vogue archive images are now available as art prints. With works dating back to the Forties, Fifties and Sixties,…

    boiler suit

    Just for you

    Because I am so incredibly fashion forward, I receive Matches Fashion’s customised email newsletter. Or maybe I once ordered a pair of flip flops and have…

    2014 st lucia 10

    Up all night

    We are back – and with us the dreaded jet lag. Funnily (not really funny) though, it seems to only have affected the Pea. Whilst the…

    Post yoga hugging

    A new path

    It’s been more than four months since I returned from my little solitary adventure to Kamalaya. When I had just arrived back in London, I felt…

    st lucia3


    Just a little note to let you know a) I am still here, b) I still love you and c) you guys are fantastic!*


    If in doubt, bake!

    The weather has been getting to me recently. That, the uncertainty about my writing, and my yearning for the Nordic countries (it’s an on-going love affair)*…