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Going out with lanterns on St Martin’s day. As you do…

November has always been a bit of a shitty month, but this year, I am finding it particularly crappy. I have been trying to shake off a nasty cold for the past five weeks. I have injured my knee, then my elbow, and the girls have been sick in turns, too. Big M is in London (again), the weather is ghastly and the sun never really comes up. It’s kind of dawning between 8am and 3:30pm, and then it’s getting dark again. Read More

bibbidi bobbidi2

Princess for a day

bibbidi bobbidi1
All things Frozen are still very much en vogue, according to a certain Miss Lil’ L. Frozen dresses, Frozen DVDs, Frozen picture books, puzzles, audio books, jewellery… It’s fair to say that we’ve somehow managed to collect a decent amount of Frozen paraphernalia and we are nowhere near letting it go anytime soon. Read More

The view on my way home. Unlike other things, it's entirely for free

So much to tell you

The view on my way home. Unlike other things, it's entirely for free

The view on my way home. Cheaper than a cucumber. And more beautiful, too.

Time seems to be flying at the moment. In the last four months, Sweden has developed from good to OK to actually, really, really good. The girls are settled at school, we have got a new au pair (some things just don’t work out as planned…) and my training as a yoga teacher is progressing nicely. Read More

birka cruise4

The 24-hour cruise ship trip

birka cruise5

We had some time off and decided to take the girls on a short (very short) trip to Finland. Compared to everything else, Finland is pretty close to Sweden. In fact, the Finish island Mariehamn is located halfway between Swedish and Finnish mainland, making it a popular destination for lazy travellers.

Lyx breakfast with view on Mariehamn

Lyx breakfast with view on Mariehamn

Also known under the charming name Booze Cruise*, the Birka Cruise ships leave Stockholm in the early evening, anchoring some time in the night in Mariehamn, and return to Stockholm the next afternoon.

A little apprehensive...

A little apprehensive…

We had a fantastic dinner – the Archipelago Seafood buffet with more lobster, crayfish, oysters and shrimps anyone could possibly eat.

Waahhhh. Mouse! Mouse!

Waahhhh. Mouse! Mouse!

There’s tax free shopping on board, a playroom for the kids to let off some steam and of course lots of opportunities to watch the world go buy.

birka cruise6

Initially, we had planned to go to Helsinki, which would have been a three-day trip. Though when the Pea was standing in her bed at 3AM, exclaiming ‘PEA HOME. HOME! PEA WANT HOOOME’, I silently congratulated myself for choosing the shorter journey.

Thanks to the torrential downpour on the second day of our little vacation, we had the upper deck all to ourselves, prompting the girls to treat us to an impromptu performance of a Mamma Mia/Pippi Longstocking medley (The Pea) and a self composed track called ‘Beating drums of my heart’ (Lil’ L). And nope, I’ve got absolutely no idea where she’s got it from.

*If you are travelling with small children, and/or if you value a good night’s sleep, it’s recommendable NOT to travel from Thursday to Saturday. 


I’ll give it a year


Summer in Sweden was good. But I think I had enough for now, thank you very much.

Enough pottering around the garden, feet stuck in folksy clogs. Enough driving on country lanes, windows down, the wind in our hair and the dull droning sound of the Defender in our ears. And definitely enough of having a husband in London. Read More