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Hotsling baby carrier to give away. Attention: only for the seasoned user




Photo004When I was pregnant with little L, I envisioned myself as one of those boho style mummies: long hair floating in the wind, wrapped in a poncho, baby L snugly propped into her baby pouch carrier.

The video suggested a little pulling here and a little pulling there and ‘that’s all there is to it.’ Ha. Ha.

I pulled a lot here and there and here and there, trying to arrange little L’s tiny body in the pouch, whilst she wriggled, squirmed and twisted as if her life depended on it. She almost ‘jumped’ out of the thing. And this is where I decided to give up.

Baby sling and Met Mum just don’t go together. To keep myself from swearing and my baby from a 5 ft fall, I decided to give it away (the sling, not the baby). If you are brave enough to try this on your own offspring, let me know which addition to your possessions was money well wasted in the comment box.

I will draw a winner by Friday, 04 September.


  1. Very funny pictures! I too wasted money on a boho style sling. Different to yours but only designed for nice, lightweight babies and not the heavyweight ones I seem to have. After 20 minutes they were dangling around my knees. I’ve given it to my new mum sister-in-law.

  2. Oh I’ve used so many slings over the years. Must admit when I eventually got the knack of one similar to yours I did use it all the time, and my son was 10lbs at birth. I couldn’t put him down for three months so it was a lifesaver. :0)

  3. Oh I love my hotsling but I know they can be pesky and I did not use it after about 8 months. Now I am all about my ergo baby anyway. Bet you would like it! Better to give away than have a fall!

  4. I have such a terrible back that I couldn’t cope with any baby slings at all. They all crippled me. Even the new born nearly 8 pound weight was too much for me to carry. I was always sad about that as it meant I was stuck with always having to have a buggy and I would have liked to have carried them more.

    Do you have another carrier that you prefer?

  5. @Margarita: You could jump into the competition if you’d change your mind and go for one of those puppies 😉

    @Whistlejacket: Haha. A nice new workout this could be.

    @Chic Mama: 10!!! pounds???

    @Joanne: I have a front carrier, too. My saviour!

    @Mommy Words: I am laughing in the pictures, but I got really upset that I couldn’t make it work. 8 months sounds like a lot of trial and error 🙂 Afraid I’m not that patient.

    @BiB: My back is killing me, too! But fortunately, I have a Baby Bjoern, too, which just sits magically tight in all the right places and seems to balance out little L’s weight evenly. I carry her facing outward when she’s wide awake and curious. And when she gets a little tired and shy, I turn her around so that her face can rest on my chest, where she regularly falls asleep. I love Baby Bjoern!

  6. I am pregnant with baby no 2.With the first one I had a Tricotti,a Hug-a-bub and an Ergo.
    Please count me in for this give away.Thanks for the chance.

  7. I would love this one, I have twins and slings are a vital peace of kit. Had some funny moments being entangled with them, but I have the knack now.

  8. @Isil: Wow, you sound like an expert. Counted in!

    @Jo: I always wonder how twin mums manage. So how do you do it? One wrapped around the front, the other on the back? Consider your name part of the game!

    @Keree: It was, no kidding! L only recently discovered how to arch her back, and she is making use of this skill in inappropriate situations only 🙂

  9. I don’t need a sling, so don’t put me into the giveaway contest, but I just wanted to say, great pics.

  10. I had one, and never got the hang of it. I’m still convinced I will work it out if I procreate again.

  11. @Mwa: That’s what I call determination. Or being stubborn 😉

    @PHM: I know. You should have seen the look on her face when I was approaching her with the sling on. It was like ‘uh-oh, there comes the mad woman again’.

    @Sarah: Your name is in!
    A touch free diaper pail? Wow. That’s quite a bit of money down the drain.

  12. @MM

    Yeah, I was a little irritated to say the least…We have a regular trash can (with a lid of course) standing in now…what are you using (or are you doing the cloth route)?

    Xave is breastfed so he doesn’t stink yet…when he starts on solids we might have to look at other diaper pail options…

  13. Yay! We have a winner. Jo, the hotling is all yours. I sent you an email – please reply sending me your address. Congratulations!
    PS: I’d be too curious how you manage to accomodate your twins in 2 slings. Are you a former circus member? Part of an acrobatic family?

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