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new yorkNew York, New York. I completely forgot how hot New York can be in August. And how my sense of orientation regularly seems to get stuck at customs. Why is it that I feel so comfortable cruising around London, but manage to get lost in Manhattan when I only want to pop out for a bagel and a coffee? I just don’t get the system of streets into my head. It’s far too logical. And why on earth does everybody drive on the wrong side of the road?

new york2Gotta go now and take a plunge into the sweaty masses. And cool down in Central Park. (Btw, this looks like a wall mural, but I promise this shot hasn’t been taken at Snappy Snaps on Upper Street!)

xoxo MM


  1. Aaahh your in NY! And then off to NE to boot… no fair! Loved your pics here… but I bet the heat is awful! Don’t think I would ever visit in summer – had a friend who did and said never again! Gimme the snow everytime! Hope you have a great trip and cant wait to hear all about it! Send NYC stardust my way! xx

  2. Oh, I LOVE NYC. We had the BEST time there in May (without the kids). I never know where I am either. Have a great time, sooooo jealous!

  3. I love your pictures, especially the one where you’re walking across the street. Lucky lucky you….I’m sooo envious. :0)

  4. Right now I can’t tell you how JEALOUS I AM!!! You are lucky I love you Met Mum, otherwise we wouldn’t be friends anymore πŸ™‚
    Have lots of fun in the Big Apple and that photo with Little L is simply gorgeous! x

  5. Have a fab time MM. Think there could be whole new blogging hybrid in ‘Met Mum In The City’…such a great title!

    Perfect age for little L to travel too – so portable, so easy. We did Sydney when my firstborn was 5 months and it was a breeze. Wouldn’t do it now though…the thought of even travelling to Sainsbury’s with 2 toddlers gives me palpitations…Enjoy!

  6. oh, new york! wow! don’t you complain about heat, I’m about to unpack my thermals right now. Tell us how it was, is it a child friendly city?

  7. @ThatGirl39: *twinkle*twinkle* That’s as good as my stardust immitation gets πŸ™‚
    I LOVE the heat. Finally being able to wear short sleeved clothes without having goose bumps is pure bliss.

  8. @BiB: Little one is zonked out by the heat. It’s much easier as I thought.

    @Chic Mama: And I even managed not to get run over!!

    @Zooarcheologist: I heard you had a great time dancing in a fancy pants elevator. So no more complaining! πŸ˜‰

    @Lady Mama: Orientation is overrated anyway. How would you ever discover new corners if you knew all your ways?

    @PHM: I am a lucky lady, I know! *hugs and kisses*

    @Mamma Po: You do Sainsbury’s??? You are braver than I thought!

    @cartside: Child friendly… Erm. Let me put it this way: I miss the calm and quiet of London. And I wouldn’t have dragged my daughter here if it wasn’t for her uncle’s wedding.

    @Elsie: Rock’n Roll, baby! πŸ˜‰

  9. Ohh your sooo lucky! Great pics, me and Mr Bold went last may for his 30th without the kids and had a ball – enjoy central park, you lucky mummy x

  10. Hello
    Brit in Bosnia directed me here, because I’ve been blogging about Manhattan too. (I moved here in May). I must say you look very cool and un-sweaty in that picture, considering it’s sweltering here at the moment. Hope you have a fabulous time.

  11. Great pictures!
    I just could not get my orientation in London at all – when I finally found a map and purchased it I discovered how close I was to Buckingham Palace and Hyde park – I had to take a bus tour and then thought I was miles away!
    I did walk from Earl’s Court to Harrods, Coventry Garden and Piccadilly Circus. I got in trouble several times for walking on the wrong side of the stairs – got the subway train figured out as soon as I figured out west/east – I had to ask

  12. Hi I’ve just found you blog and I love the design as well as the content.
    I love NY, not sure how’s with kids but will take them when they are a bit older.
    Missing London? Not so hot here anymore…

    Ju πŸ™‚

  13. You’re so competent. I could never have contemplated a trip across the Atlantic with my first baby at that age. Getting to the park or the supermarket was still quite a challenge!

  14. Honey it’s one big grid. And nobody drives with any sense – but I guess you worked that out already. Have fun.x

  15. Your baby is a bit too young – but it sounds as though you go to NY a lot – the Kids Museum is fantastic. Next time you go, make sure you check it out.

    Have a fabulous time, it’s a great city!

  16. Let me see, disco lift, NY. Disco lift, NY. Disco lift, NY.

    Hmmm, I’m still not sure which one comes out on top πŸ˜‰

  17. I would so love to go to NYC!! Have a great time.
    Ooh I saw your post on Facebook the other day and laughed so much!! Who would be that stupid?! xx

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  19. Oh I love being with the kids in NY! They love the subway and the bridges and the parks and the zoo! I love almost everything except when we can’t find a elevator into the subway and have to figure out how to get somewhere without car seats??? Just pray for no rain. If you think NY is hot – come on down to North Carolina and roast with us. I dream of London or Paris every day!

  20. Hurray! I am back in the UK! The leaves are falling and summer is gone, but still, I have never been happier to be back. It was just too hot. And a trip like that with a baby… never again!

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