When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do is…


Go for a walk.

Have a cuddle.

Get a pedicure.

Reach out.

Have a bath.

Buy myself flowers.

Read something glossy and mindless.

Anything to add to the list?

Inspired by Lola Is Beauty.


  1. All of the above apart from the pedicure, never trearted myself to one. Must try one day!

    I’d add flick through some old photos to the list for me :).

  2. Great idea for a post, i agree with them all – i like to read a bit of poetry too if i’m really depressed, makes me feel normal ha! I think just spending an hour or so in your own company indulging yourself works every time! If all else fails there is always CHOCOLATE – the answer to every problem in the world!

  3. Oh, I completely forgot: go to Perfectly Happy Mum and watch Friday Cheese Song video clips. The woman has an amazing taste in music. So bad, it’s good again!
    Or read a poo story over at Maternal Tales. And pee in my pants.
    Or follow Iota at Not wrong, just different. Who has a whole lot to carry but still manages to make me laugh out loud. A lot.

    And, and, and!

    I think I’m better now 🙂

  4. Phone a friend.

    Write a blog post (maybe you covered that one under ‘rach out’)

  5. I’m too lazy to walk anywhere, although I used to have a dog that I walked twice a day. And I don’t do pedicures as my feet are so small that my trousers regularly hang over my feet thus hiding my toes.

    But it’s time for a bath now xx

  6. Cuddle my babies, read some fabulous blogs and listen to ‘The Soft Bulletin’ by The Flaming Lips!

  7. Get lost in a really good book. Phone an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages but who always makes you laugh. You seem to have got the rest of them. hope you are feeling better now.

  8. Well. Looks like chocolate is the winner. Why am I not surprised???

  9. Hmmm Im going to be boring and say eat chocolate too.
    But my number one is a hug from my kids. Cures me of the blues every single time. x

  10. Singing along to some loud music. A walk in the park or countryside. A fave film.

    Hope you are OK.

    Thanks very much for the meme. Will do it soon. x

  11. Hey Metro Mum,
    Love the list. I would most certainly add:
    – eat a cinnamon scroll
    – follow it with a glass of wine
    – smile in the mirror at my birds nest hair before getting Pickles up from her sleep.
    Cool list….Love it.

  12. All of yours… plus eating strawberry laces whilst watching SATC The Movie for the 56th time! And read your blog x

  13. Hi!! it’s been a while since I visited your blog. I love “Groovy Kind of Love.” And when I’m feeling blue all I love to do is garden and “Read something glossy and mindless.” hehe.

    Love you blog!

  14. westendmum says

    God yeah, all of the above, reading blogs, twittering, def. Sex and the City, or Ab Fab, magazines, chocolate, cuddles. Don’t have a bath – boo, but have a pedicure lined up, its been sooooooo long. Pedicures are worth every penny.

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