The fast, the furious and the fashionable: a day at Goodwood Revival


If you want to create a wide smile on your husband’s/dad’s/brother’s face this Christmas, I can only recommend giving them tickets for a car related event. The smell of petrol and the sound of roaring engines will no doubt make their day, but leave you with either a headache or another day spent apart.

If you want to do yourself a favour, get them tickets for Goodwood Revival. Not only is the sheer number of classic cars that populate parking lots, racetracks and motor shows breathtaking; also the fashion interested female visitor’s eyes are likely to be pleased. The best bit about it: you get to play dressing up yourself.

The majority of the visitors (male and female) dresses in classical style to ‘look the part’. You can choose from fashion originating from the 1940s to 60s. Met Mum went all ‘Mid 50s Conservative Secretary Look’: tweed pencil skirt, white bow tie blouse with black cashmere cardigan, seamed stockings and black Mary Jane’s completed by black eyeliner and bright red lipstick. The cardi had to go after half an hour sweating in the surprisingly hot September sun, the lippy ended all over little L’s head and the bow was undone at the end of the day, but hey! I made an effort and I really enjoyed myself, whilst creating the widest smiles and eyes twinkling with excitement for Big M and his dad.


  1. Wow… I never knew that Goodwood was such a hotbed of style and chicness! Im sure I could persuade OH to go there one year. I think Small Child would definitely go for it! Glad you had fun and your outfit sounds fab! x

  2. Sounds fun! Now where can I acquire some free *ahem* review tickets?
    If hubby likes motor racing we quite often go to the Renault World Series, thats a free day out and a lot of fun, tickets via the renault website…

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to this for myself! I adore classic cars, not because I know anything about them but they are just so much more beautiful and elegant. One day I hope to own one for high days and holidays. Until then perhaps I need to go to Goodwood next year- dressing up and classic cars sounds divine. Plus maybe I would meet a future husband who also lives classics and smart attire!

  4. Great idea MM. one my boys would love sometime. Thanks for the tip. Glad you had such a great day.

  5. @Chic Mama: Like little boys…

    @ThatGirl39: I am sure you’d love it there. It’s all very classy and civilised.

    @Peggy: Thanks for the tag! Your boys would go mad there, I am sure (all 3 of them).

    @A Modern Mother: 🙂

    @Rose: A future husband who lives and loves classics, smart attire and knows how to deal with a classic car. Those little beauties seem to be quite high maintenance. A technically gifted gentleman might come in handy, if you want a car that actually drives.

    @Joanne: It was lovely. We were really lucky with the weather, too.

  6. @zooarchaeologist: I don’t know why, but your very very useful comment ended up in spam. I am definitely going to look into the Reanault thing. And if Goodwood wants to send out free review tickets, I would make an exception and do a review myself 🙂

  7. Sounds like lots of fun. I adore 40s style. Would love to see more pics of you too 🙂

  8. I think my hubby would have loved that! Although he wouldn’t have worn stockings 😉
    Have given you an award over at mine x

  9. What fun!
    In our household it is anything to do with bicycles – and not cars with their nasty carbon footprints.

    Everyone would enjoy dressing up..

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