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Fashion forward style lessons from my baby daughter

gap and stella mccartney baby girl

Thanks to Liz at Violet Posy, not only did I make it in time to the Gap to admire Stella McCartney’s cooperation with the high street brand, I even hunted down one of the one-piece sweaters for little L.

gap and stella mccartney jumper

Looking down at myself, I realised that, again, I look like someone had pushed me into my wardrobe only to make me emerge lightly tossed in whatever clothes happened to stick on me.

I thought to myself: ‘If only I was a baby. I could be fashion forward and super comfy.’

And just when I was on the verge of giving up, THIS popped up on my screen. A grey woollen jumpsuit by Topshop Unique.

topshop unique jumpsuit aw 09

Now I only need to find someone who wants to carry me around all day and jumps when I bat an eyelid. What a blissful thought on a grey autumn day.

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9 Responses to “Fashion forward style lessons from my baby daughter”

  1. Chic Mama

    Oh that is so cute, yes baby clothes are so beautiful. Love Gap, try to get staple pieces from there for my children as they wear so well. :0)

  2. Wife of bold

    Gap clothes are so cute, little L will look amazing! Let me know when you find your own personal slave – i want one too :)

  3. London Zest

    What a gorgeous jumper! Little L. will look so cute in it! Good pick! I wish I had a personal shopper like Little L. Oh how blissful indeed! xxx LZ

  4. Julia

    I do like Gap for kids, although if you think they’re going to wear it for few months before growing out of it, I rather just pay maybe for H&M prices.
    But this jumpsuit… I want it for me, love the color, the material, the shape, can you imagine a grown up version for cosy nights in?

    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog by the way.

  5. Michelloui

    Really cute jumpsuit! I want a baby to dress up in Gap (and H&M) clothes! My daughter is at the age of refusing all influences from anyone regarding her wardrobe. Sigh.

  6. Rose

    Lucky little L that is a fab little number isn’t it. I really do need one of those today- the heating is on, I have a cup of hot apple juice and my scarf on and I’m still freezing.

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