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Careful ladies, it’s lurking within!

Halle Berry perfume

Flipping through the pages of my favourite magazine, I stumbled across an advertisement for Halle Berry’s first scent. A beautiful picture of a beautiful woman. Admittedly, I don’t understand celebrity endorsed perfumes. I mean, who wants to smell like someone else? But what really caught my attention here was the claim:

‘Reveal the woman within’

I had to read that twice, put the magazine down and read it again. The woman within? Really? There is a woman within me? Gross! Or am I looking at it from a completely wrong angle and the whole campaign is aimed at men? Help me, I am lost here.


  1. I prefer the outside bit thanks! Cos I can put boots, cashmere and make up on it. Ive never bought a celeb endorsed scent, although do confess to really wanting to like SJP’s Lovely.. but I didn’t. Perhaps we should make a Mummy Blogger perfume… now what would that smell like? x

  2. I would take that as saying we all have a Halle Berry in us waiting to get out. Which is not only disturbing in a Cat Woman meets Alien kind of way, but horribly offensive. My ‘inner woman’ is the same as my outer one thank you very much: a bit wobbly and flawed but happy to stay that way thank you very much…

  3. You see I was so offended that I said ‘thank you very much’ twice. Oh and Mummy Blogger perfume would smell like sick, baby shampoo and dust burning on over-heated computers.

  4. you wonder who even comes up with this stuff! If my inner Halle Berry is lurking I wish she would pop out and say hello- particularly the bit that looks that good in a bikini

  5. Roars laughing at @ Pippa D’s comment.

    I loathe all the celebrity ranges of scent, clothing ranges whatever.

    My inner woman is there for a reason.

  6. Yep. I agree. Celebs are not the best choice for scent endorsement. Halle may be beautiful but I don’t know what she smells like!

  7. Oh wait, I’ve got it. We all get up in the morning intending to spend a half hour in the shower, do our hair and spend another half hour applying make-up. Then we pour our tiny bodies into size zero designer clothing before getting on with our day. Unfortunately the outer woman takes over and we scream at the kids to get up, throw breakfast together, shove them into the car……..You know the drill.

  8. Brilliant! You really would think the writers who come up with this crap would say to each other on a big budget campaign. “Oh lets be original and stand out from the rest of those drab cleb scent endorsements”.

    Yey for catching them out.

  9. I’m not big into celebrity-endorsed scents either, they don’t usually smell good anyway. I do have the first SJP scent, and that’s nice and subtle. But I’m not even a fan of the Beckham perfume and I adore her. Even if she is an alien. 😉

  10. I’ve never understood why perfume ads in girls magazines feature semi naked women. I could understand if the ads were targetted at boyfriends/husbands but do women really want to look at semi naked celebs when deciding what perfume to buy?

  11. Oh celebs and their smells really annoy me – and don’t get me started on their adverts!

    Award for you (of the non smelly variety) over at mine!

  12. I don’t like the sound of that line at all, but it’s got us talking which is probably exactly what they want.

    Typically perfume bottles cost more to produce than the perfume inside, to dampen the whole illusion further!

  13. Totally agree. I just don’t get the celeb scent thing. Why would you want to smell like, say Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez etc etc? Huzz nuzzles in and says “you smell like my wife” (which I am of course) and thats great. I’d be worried if he said “you smell like Britney” – how would he know?! Anyhow, the scent is not how ‘they’ smell, its the scent that ‘they’ (apparently) like to smell – I suppose that’s the difference. Still not buying though!

  14. Totally agree re celeb scents. Why would you want to smell like Britney or J-Lo? I suppose its not what they smell like, but the scent they like to smell? Huzz nuzzles into my neck and says “you smell like my wife” and thats great. If he said you smell like Britney it would be a bit weird – how would he know?! Haven’t bought any celeb scents and don’t plan to either.

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