Dancing on ice

DSC00365Ahem. Ok, I haven’t necessarily been dancing, but I didn’t break my legs either. Our lovely babysitter Karin came to watch little L for the afternoon and Big M took me out to Somerset Ice Rink on Strand.


It’s got to be every girls dream: the man you love, music, skates, and a gigantic Tiffany box to walk in and buy cupcakes.


That was fun. See you next winter, Somerset Ice Rink!


  1. I took my son ice skating at the ice rink in our town centre a couple of weeks back. I fell so bloody hard on my bum that it was numb for 3 days after! Somerset House looks lovely. I think I’d be in the Tiffany box buying cupcakes, more than on the ice though!

  2. That looks like a fairy tale – how wonderful! Certainly unlike any of the skating rinks where I live. The Tiffany’s box is amazing – I would certainly have my fill of cupcakes there!

  3. A very lovely post Met Mum although I am slightly disappointed as I had assumed, given the title of the pots, that there would be some mention of Phillip Schofield here. *giggle*

  4. MM, you look like you can skate!! I would be clinging on around the outskirts. We were meant to go to Hampton Court ice skating but then eldest daughter came down with a bug that day. Next year…maybe we shall do Somerset House!

  5. @all the lovely ladies: funny how not a single guy commented on this post. Might have something to do with the content… Anyway, I didn’t get to try a single cupcake, because I went to a cupcake decorating course the very same morning, leaving me with a serious icing overdose and no desire for any more cupcake for the next 24 hours.

  6. i’m a terrible skater but love somerset house skating nevertheless- it’s fun even hanging on to the side- anyone you can find!

  7. This looks so wonderful, in Japan we don’t have such pretty places to ice skate. And the Tiffany box looks just divine…

  8. Did I tell you you’d been tagged? Come on over to our place… The giant Tiffany box is the stuff of dreams, whoever planned it must have had a great time thinking it all up.

  9. Hello
    After reading this post I must say that you have enjoyed a lot there.I also like ice skating but sometimes it is scary for me.I really like that you shared this with us.

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