Malnourished Monday
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Malnourished Monday #10

karl lagerfeld for v magazine

I have been on a little break. In a land far, far away from my beloved MacBook, where snow covered mountains seam glistering lakes, where chocolates and cheese fondues warm hearts and souls after a day out in the cold, and where every breath of fresh air you take clears your head a little more.

I love vacations in Switzerland, especially when spent chez Les In-Laws. Long dinners spent discussing world piece and how to cook Zurich Ragout, cracking up with my mum in-law, fluffy duvets and the view on the lake out of my bed. Plus: a stack of my favourite continental crappy-glossy magazines.

karl lagerfeld for v magazine 2

To my great delight, I discovered a call to end the size zero trend in every other magazine. Gala magazine cheeringly welcomed ‘sexy curves’ on Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Bar Refaeli.

Brigitte launched their first issue without models and will use ‘real women’ only from now on.

karl lagerfeld for v magazine 3

And even Karl Lagerfeld seemed to have reached out his skinny arms to embrace the idea of beauty in a plumper figure. The German Kaiser shot full-figured burlesque star Miss Dirty Martini for V Magazine’s “Size Issue”. Remember him bitching about Brigitte readers as ‘fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly’? I hope he is eating his words.

Thanks, Victoria, for pointing towards V Magazine. And Happy Belated Birthday!


  1. Sounds absolutely fabulous – the duvet, the lake, the magazines, oh yeah and the change in model size!

  2. Good for Brigitte…I used to read it a lot in the UK yes it somehow seems a lot more real than most british/us women’s mag – but I can’t seem to get the magazine here in the USA. I take it you are part swiss? which part 😉
    I am half austrian/half british makes me an austrich

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely time. Those shots are very Monroe-esque – fab! It’s encouraging.

  4. I’m glad you had a lovely holiday 🙂 and so nice to see some real women in these pictures looking hot not half dead xxx

  5. At last! Real women in a real magazine. If only it represented the start of a trend. Sadly, I doubt it. It’s certainly a good start!

  6. Ah! a trip to the mountains – how utterly divine. As are these pictures of Miss Dirty Martini…the femme oozes sex appeal. Indeed even Mr Lagerfeld must have fanned himself a little more friskily. x

  7. Karl may be eating his words but I bet you he’s only washing it down with his 27th litre of Diet Coke! Your break sounds like heaven… especially the fondue bit! Fondue tastes better than skinny sounds! x

  8. Totally support the real women movement – saw Gok Won had disabled women on his show recently too. Have a friend in Zurich keeps inviting us – soon as we get the chance, I’m off! Glad you had a great time MM xxx

  9. If only they would all actually show some balls and stop using stick thin models all the time, but this is a start. ps: tagged you on a meme.

  10. let’s hope the real women continue to flourish- and hope you had a fab holiday

  11. hiya! the long vacation sounds like a wonderful gathering with family and plenty of loves and peace 😉 something we can all use more often!!!

    i think we are all in a day and age where traditions in every trade are broken, good or bad, and everything is possible. it is really wonderful to know that normal human being has chances that did not exist even several years ago!!! cheers for that! and i am curious to see where things will lead,

    have a wonderful week, xx

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