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The love is in the shoes

baby clothes Islington1

When it comes to handing down hang-ups and obsessions, my love for beautiful but slightly impractical shoes is the one I worry the least about. A girl’s got to love her shoes, no?

baby clothes Islington3

Another sunny day, another stroll through Islington, and we came across Jabberwockie. No, I am not talking about the wacky guy trying to sell you a copy of Metro for a quid – I am talking about THE most cute baby clothes shop I have seen in a while. Tucked away in a little side street off Cross Street, its turquoise lacquered shop front and lovingly arranged window display makes you want to go in and demand a pick ’n’ mix.

baby clothes Islington2

So far we have picked and mixed cashmere-mix leggings, black woollen leg warmers with tiny frills and lately these gorgeous, Himalayan wool slippers. All very reasonably priced, of great quality and uniqueness. After all, you wouldn’t want your little one to wear the same clothes everybaby else does, do you?

baby clothes Islington5

And if you are looking for a special gift, this is the place you’ll find something that’s not already in birthday baby’s cupboard.


  1. Adorable, shame they dont so them in my size, its all trainers and football boots for my boys at the mo. Mini is strarting football tots in the next couple of weeks

  2. On wow! You just knew Id love this right? And you’re right… nothing wrong with a shoe/handbag hangup… Im perfectly normal…. honest!

  3. Seriously! That is why the look is called “The North South,” you end by checking out the shoes. xoxo


  4. That looks absolutely adorable. Makes me miss wandering up and down Upper Street and around. Love the blue. I was going to open a children’s shop a few years ago called Sweet Pea. Did all the research, went to all the trade fairs, wrote a business plan. Then decided I didn’t actually want to be in the shop every day including weekends and I just coveted all the cute stuff. What a great find.

  5. Cashmere mix leggings ….can they go in the washing machine because I’m not much of a hand washer? Otherwise yes the baby shoes are adorable!

  6. Baby shoes are cute. Yes, I’m a big shoe fan too. So many in boxes that don’t see the light of day now as they are far too high to clip around in with a 17 month at my heels! Nice to hear about Islington again. Its where I was born, as were my parents and grandparents. Fond memories of Upper St, Cross St, the Angel, Camden Passage etc as a child. Is Manzies pie and mash shop still in Chapel Market?

  7. Oh what a gorgeous shop. I feel spending coming on. Damn shame I live South, will have to wait to the weekend to make the trip up north.

  8. Such a shame my little girl is no longer little. I don’t think my little man would look too good in those shoes however adorable they may be and cashmere leggings? wow.

    Beki x

  9. omg that shops looks amazing! i love little shops like that i wish it was near me xxx

  10. Those are probably the cutest shoes in the world. The shop front reminds me of Bagpuss (hopefully I’m not alone on that one!).

  11. Wow what a gorgeous shop! I could spend a whole day in there looking at all the beautiful things and if they made those shoes in my size i’d snap them up!

  12. Hello
    Wow those are really very nice and cute shoes.Frankly speaking that I have never seen such shoes before.Shop seems also good.Thanks for this nice post.

  13. lovely! i think this is shop i wanted to go into once, but my youngest decided it was time to go home (read: tantrum!). i will have to go in next time!

  14. Those little booties are too adorable, makes me want to have another one! (I should definitely stop looking at them then!!!)

  15. Flora Budd says

    Ooh I almost want to know the sex of my baby NOW so I can go and buy some of those cute cute cute shoes!
    I have 2 suitcases of shoes that I can’t fit onto my boat and I’m thinking car boot sale, sadly! Yet somehow I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying them!
    Thanks for your kind words and for being my second follower, I love your blog , it’s very inspiring!
    FB xx

  16. that is a great- will try and remember when the inevitable present shopping for little people panic sets in next! especially love the little shoes

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