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It’s a tough life


Lots of empathy has been poured into the comment box below my last post. Identification. Compassion. I am not quite so sure this one will create emotions along the same lines.

Although the journey to Saint Lucia was a little tough with half a day delay spent at Gatwick airport thanks to a volcano eruption on the island, and although I am covered in little bites (apparently there has been a flee in our bed that took a bite of me every other inch from head to toe), this vacation could easily make it into the top 3 of all vacations ever embarked on.DSC00527

To begin with, the resort is pretty quiet – the area suffers under the recession and the lack of American tourists usually frequenting the islands. As a result, we have been upgraded from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 3-bedroom villa with private pool.


I always thought that villas with private pools were a little pointless. By the time I would be able to afford such luxury – if ever – I wouldn’t want to use the upsides of it anymore, i.e. semi-nude sunbathing. I mean, seriously, who wants to parade around bare-chested in their 60s? Needless to say I’ve got the point of it by now.


  1. This vila looks amazing. And baby girl so cute.
    I feel sorry for the locals that are loosing business as you said; so in one way you’re also helping out. Enjoy the sun, food and general laziness. In less than 2 months I’m off to Brazil… and then I hope to relax by the pool too.:))

  2. oh sounds so lovely! enjoy every minute! We had sleet and a bit of brief snow today… I sure could use a little st lucia right now. 🙂

    well done on the upgrade!

  3. Wah wah wee wah! Adorable Little L. can really sport those shades! Enjoy the tropics MM! We’ll be there in 4 days too! Come back tan, relaxed and healthy and ready to splurge on that swiss lunch! xxx LZ

  4. Wow! This sounds like pure heaven!! Enjoy every minute – you deserve it. I know what you mean about the private pool thing. We had one in a villa in Majorca once and sadly it was the end of the season so a little too cold for SC who was a baby. Nonetheless we loved it! Hope you have an amazing time and yes… we must meet up really soon. Get in touch via Twitter or email (on blog) when you’re back and settled. xx p.s. Don’t burn anything you shouldn’t with the naked sunbathing!

  5. Lucky, lucky you! We got upgraded to a suite with a private pool recently, and absolutely loved it. We weren’t even with the kids, which was a shame, but it’s opened my eyes to the possibilities of such super luxe. Especially when it won’t stop raining/sleeting/snowing here. Jealous.

  6. As I hope you know, you are one of my all time, all time favorite blogs — a breath of fresh air.

    Please take a second to visit me today, I have a little surprise for you ma chere.


  7. Looks fab! I have friends on holiday in St Lucia right now at the windjammer (I think that is what it is called). Have fun and you’re not missing anything here weather sucks.

  8. Jammy! Any ounce of compassion I had for you on your terrible London day as has been revoked.

    Joking of course. Have a great time!

  9. You’re right. I’m not sure I’m very full of compassion for you on this one.

  10. I am green with Envy! Oh, to have some sun! (Spain is not as sunny as everyone thinks!). Congratulations on your newly acquired Spanish skills! And thank you so much for your sweet comment about my “creations”, the etsy shop is in the making, and should hopefully be up and running soon! Besos! XXXX

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