What’s in your bag?


Have you ever wondered how often the girls working at the airports’ security scanners really need to check the contents of your bag? And how often they are just curious to know what’s inside? If I were one of them, I’d know how to shamelessly exploit my position of power.

Emily O over at Babyrambles challenged me to empty my bag and put my life out in front of you. So here it goes:

DSC00686Let’s start with the bag. It’s a Babymel changing bag that has seen better days. No point in dragging my Miu Miu through the sand, so I shall be excused for this serious lack of style. This bag has been my constant companion for the last 10 months; it has been peed onto, puked into and will be replaced with a new one on little L’s first birthday.

In the baby corner: little L’s bathing suit, nappies, sun cream, mosquito repellent, baby wipes, Brio mobile phone, little people person #10 who’s been named “Gini”, pink hat, spoon, Ella’s pouch with lentil bake and a soft aeroplane, sponsored by Swiss.


Three of the things listed above deserve a little more attention:

a)    Even when wearing the pink hat, little L is being addressed as “young man”. She’s a girl, for chrissake!

b)   She lifts the little aeroplane into the air above her head and goes ‘woooom. wooom.’ She’s only 10 months old. That kid’s a genius!

c)    Big M filled in the customs form and ticked all the No boxes when questioned about bringing in food. He didn’t know that mummy filled 2/3 of little L’s suitcase with baby food. Lalalalala.

Now over to the stuff that I refer to as mine, despite being constantly chewed on by the smallest member of the family:


  • Isla bikini top. Because it’s always good to have a spare bikini top in your bag. Or because you took it off and forgot to put it back on. Uh-oh.
  • Yves Saint Laurent coin purse. Which hasn’t been used since my marriage to Big M, carrier of the coins.
  • Sagrotan sanitising wipes. To satisfy my cleanfreak mentality. Toilet seats, baby changing areas, shopping cart handles…
  • InStyle magazine that promises both to tell you how to “Look better naked” and to “Love your shape”. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll happily share my findings later.
  • “Me talk pretty one day” by David Sedaris. The book misses a storyline completely, but the chapters in itself are coherent. And the writing is witty and extremely funny. It’s like a great blog on paper.


  • Cartier panther key ring (birthday present of the ever so generous Big M), that holds a complete set of keys to our house in London. How very cunning of me to take it to the beach in Saint Lucia with me every day.


  • On the go Andrex toilet tissue. I guess it’s sod’s law that I haven’t encountered missing toilet paper in a public toilet since I started carrying around that thing.
  • Avène sun block stick with SPF 40. Supposed to prevent pigmentation. Doesn’t work if you don’t apply it.

I am exploiting my powers showing some love and force invite the following victims these lovely fellows to strip bare naked empty their bags:

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What’s in your bags, ladies?


  1. I must say one is always a little curious as to what is in anothers bag, aren’t we? And why is it that mums never go anywhere without there house keys. I too have taken them on vacation for no logical reason whatsoever!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Love the pictures…very envious you’ve had some sun. My son always gets called a girl even though he’s dressed in combats, brown gilet, blue kickers etc.. ;0)

  3. Lovely bag! However I would like to ask where is the random nappy with one velcro thing ripped off? Where is the fistful of crumbled mini cheddars? Where is the discarded wipe that you forgot to thrown away? Or are these things just in my changing bag? Dammit, I’m such a skank.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! x

  4. Thanks for doing this, great to see what’s in your bag! What a glamorous (and sunny – pah!) location for bag emptying. Sorry to hear your bag’s been peed and puked into. Definitely time for a replacement soon!

  5. I’ll have to break out my camera and shoot some pics of my bag. Lord only knows what’s lurking at the bottom of that thing – certainly not a bikini right now (or ever – after two kids, those days are gone!). Love that you have a David Sedaris book in your bag – he’s one of my favorites.

  6. You’ve must be the only person with a bikini in their bag – not that I’m jealous or anything!
    K always gets mistaken for a boy even when wearing her pink coat. It drives me mad!

  7. My bag is a combination of diaper bag and school bag. Lipstick, powder, my croatian phrasebook, and diaper and wipes for Daughter, some crayons, a toy, and a lollipop (in case I get in a situation where I need to bribe my little one)

  8. We have so much in common – my bag also has been peed and puked on (no nappies though as I don’t have a child).
    I also love DS and have When You are Engulfed in Flames in my bag.

    Happy Holiday – looks great!

  9. Hi! I wonder if in England you have the new ‘naked’ body scanner in airports?
    Thanks and have a great day!

  10. The contents in your bag are very respectable!

    I’ve been wanting to read the Sedaris book actually… it’s been on my list for who knows how long.

    I’ll let you know when my post is up!

  11. Okay, you have thrown down the gauntlet and I will pick it up. I have never done one of these, but this one has touched a nerve. (Probably because I just got back from holiday as well and my bag is just ridiculous just now.)

  12. Oh I can tell so much about you from the contents of your bag.I think we’d get on in real life (what’s that?) as I like David Sedaris too and carry sanitising wipes (well, gel but same difference). I may have to duck out of this challenge as my bag would reveal absolutely nothing about me. All that’s in there is a worn Bobbi Brown lipstick and some mints. How dull. Hope you had a lovely holiday x

  13. Oh I am SO glad you didn’t pick me – my handbag is a total mess at the moment. I think yours is very chic!

  14. Hmmm, Did I lose a thread here? Thank you btw for including me in your list, I’m extremely flattered by the company I’m keeping therein, including you of course, my chere.

    OK, I thought you wanted us to TELL you, literally, what is in our bags so I spilled mine out on the bed and made a list, but now that I see the other comments I’m embarrassed and won’t spill les haricots until you tell me what to do.

    (There was much more stuff in there than I realized. At least you gave me the opportunity to straighten up. Merci pour ca.)


  15. That’s a lot of stuff. It actually reminds me that I can get a smalle bad now as I don’t have nappies et all to carry around anymore…

  16. I think the real question is what’s not in my handbag if I’m honest!! We have Anya Hindmarch purse that is too full of coppers to close (bought in Bicester I hasten to add), we have sunglasses even though it’s so wet in London we are going to round up animals for the ark at lunch time, a moleskin, a moleskin diary, phone, security pass, oyster card, dior show mascara, by terry swalve, tweezers, computer back up tape, keys, tiny nail file bought in Munich 3 years ago which is tiny and most excellent for handbags, inhalers, unpaid Npower bill that i have brought to work to remind me to pay but haven’t paid yet, peppersmith gum, ipod, tissues, car keys for a car that lives at my parent’s house 2 hours away… just the essentials!

  17. On the go toilet paper? The British Society is so much more advanced than the Spanish, we have no such things here in Spain, we just use regular tissues. (another great Brit invention, the nappy bag! I am seriously considering importing them into my country! So convenient! So odour-less! Why don’t we have them?!?? XXX

  18. It’s my first trip to your blog and I’m already sniffing around inside the contents of your bag.

    Feels somewhat voyeuristic, but I guess that’s part of the joys of the blogging world.

    The glam contents of your bag make my bag(s) want to slink away with their handles between their….ok, not sure where I’m going with that metaphor but you catch my drift!

  19. Thanks for my Bag Tag – you know I’m a Bag Hag!! I’m such a slacker! Actually Half Term hols, going to a show at LFW (aarrgghh!!!) and tidying a dirty house have taken precedence this week. But I’m on it… I’ll be doing this this week with my own unique slant! xxx

  20. All righty then,

    Here is the pared down version of what is in my sac a main (actually épaule), not counting all the usual stuff that’s in everyone’s bag.

    The Things I Need (psychologically speaking):

    1.) A hand-carved and painted ladybug (about the size of a Euro) given to me by My-Reason-For-Living-In-France to bring me good luck.

    2.) A silver medallion with an angel in relief “to protect” me, a gift from my daughter.

    3.) A monogrammed linen handkerchief.

    4.) A pencil case — just like a pre-schooler’s — filled with colored markers including one in silver and another in gold. It also holds a Cartier and a Montblanc pen — both with dried-out ink — and a black fountain pen with “J’écris donc je suis” written on the side in script.

    5.) Two small notebooks, one for “great ideas” (ahem), the other full of to-do’s. One says, “penser pour moi-meme,” the other, “il est encore temps pour. . .”

    Moving right along, some things I really DO need:

    1.) My Carte de Resident.
    2.) My Carte Vital (French health insurance)

    3.) My shiny black rain hat that matches my shiny black rain boots, which are not in the sac.

    4.) A tiny bottle of Aromaforce (Résistance et défenses naturelle). A pleasantly strong smelling herbal concoction my pharmacist told me to buy to ward off cold germs. You sprinkle a couple of drops in your hands and rub your neck and throat.

    5.) Trander Joe’s Green Tea Mints — an antioxidant something-or-other. (They just taste good and three of them equal 18 calories.)

    Et voila, nothing hilarious in there unless it escaped.

    xoxo, Tish

  21. i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.”‘*

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