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Where the Iguana lives

Life's a beach

Life’s a beach

Long before the French and the English fought over Saint Lucia (‘ownership’ of the island changed 14 times in between them), this beautiful place was called “Where the Iguana lives”. And if the lizards don’t stop drowning themselves in our pool, they might need to rename it to “Where the Iguana dies”.

Jumpers grow on trees here. Just pick the cotton wool and start knitting.

Jumpers grow on trees here. Just pick the cotton wool and start knitting.

Apart from lizards floating belly-upwards, Saint Lucia feels like a safe place to me. People here a friendly and open. If they were more reserved, I’d completely understand. It’s not too long ago that Saint Lucia regained its independence. It was 31 years yesterday, to be precise.

Little L leading the pack.

Little L leading the pack.

We ventured out to watch the independence day festivities and the parade. Despite the extremely steep roads, we made it without losing the pram or its content. The locals were wearing accessories in the national colours blue, yellow and white. Big M felt very much at home with the yellow and the blue. Classic case of ‘you can take the Swede out of Sweden, but you can’t take Sweden…’.


Little L was banging her head and shaking her legs to the tunes of the marching brass band. A delegation of London’s Metropolitan Police supported the parade with their tubas and trumpets.


We were strategically positioned with a good view on the band’s behinds. And I couldn’t help butt think: It just ain’t fair! The folks over here have bum superiority! Imagine a big, round, white ass, hot-pants-clad, wiggling and jiggling to the thumping beats of some Sean Paul remix. Is it just me, or is this image causing you pain, too?

Now replace the big white butt with a beautylicious black bum. There you go.

Can Jesus make your bum shine?

Can Jesus make your bum shine?

But it’s not only bum envy that’s bugging me. I have serious gardening envy, too. A little effort leads to a lot of nothing in London. Whereas here it leads to this:


And that:


Or that:


Everything just grows and flows and blossoms and blooms. I am tempted to relocate. The only thing holding me back is that the blog name Island Mum is taken already.



  1. I can’t believe you’re actually blogging from your holiday. I presumed you were back! That’s pretty impressive.

    Love those cotton trees. They look just like giant cotton wool balls growing.

  2. It looks so beautiful and warm there, and don’t talk to me about bums, I swear mine has got wider as i’ve been to0 damn cold to walk the dog for our usual lengthy treks. So glad you are having such a wonderful time xxx

  3. Oooooh!! So envious!!! Looks fab. I am so burnt out on winter here. Hope you soak up as much lovely sunshine as you can!

    Interesting as well: ‘where the iguana lives’. Nice name, I like it.

  4. My Jamaican cousins wouldn’t go near any of the lizards because they said they were dead people reincarnated. They could kill the giant cockroaches with impunity though…
    Last time I was in Jamaica I ended up swimming in a river with the President of St Lucia and two of his bodyguards. He was a lovely man.

  5. Ahhh, I’m dead jealous looking at these pictures. Reminds me of some fabuluous times.

    The caribbean is so beautiful.

    If ever you get the chance, make sure you go to Barbados.

  6. Ha ha, sorry ’bout that darling! How about ‘Mum In The Sun’ or ‘White Hot Mama’? Or just, ‘Mama Lucia’?

    Looks like you’re having the most fabulous time. Am insanely jealous. Particularly like the jumper trees…

  7. I’m so very cold in snow stormy Scotland. I’ve got hot sunny place envy now. Boo.
    I once had a friend from St Lucia. Never quite understood why his family decided to move to Northampton.

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