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Happy Mothering Sunday!

happy mothersday

Sunday lie-in, breakfast with prosecco, a lovely card and a white azalea. Don’t you love Mothering Sunday? I remember how disappointed I was last year that I just about didn’t make it. Little L was scheduled to pop out any second around this date. If someone had told me that I had to continue waiting for more than three weeks, I think I had banged my head on the kitchen table.

met table

Instead, Big M abused the bump as his bedside table. And little L kicked off the newspaper as soon he tried to rest it on her ‘house’. Funny days. Are you one of those women who loved, loved, loved being pregnant? I have to say, I prefer not having a bump. It was an exciting experience. But extremely weird at the same time.


  1. Since I had ‘implantation-to-cutting-the-cord’ sickness with all three, well, no, pregnancy was not my best time. Plus I just looked puffy, with swollen ankles, moving awkwardly and flushed, always. And tended to get oil stains on every piece of wearable clothing, so, just untidy. I really wanted to be one of those cool, calm and collected chic mothers who wore the little linen numbers and only gained weight on the boobs and bump.
    However, I came into my element when breastfeeding, so, yes, even at 52, I’d happily do it all over again. The results were just soooo very much worth it!

    Happy Mummy’s day to you, as well!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day MM…lovely breakfast table. On the pregnancy side of things, I liked it at the time but looking back I see just how bizarre it is as a bodily state! LB

  3. Happy Mothers Day MM, sounds like you’re having fun! Personally I loved being pregnant up until the 40 week mark, then absolutely loathed it for the ten days of late gestation that followed!

  4. Sounds a like a great day there. Mother’s Day here in NL is in May (same as US), so today is a regular old Sunday, but lovely still the same.
    I loved being pregnant, and actually would love to do it all again. I was 15 days over due for Luca and 3 over for Ruby. I was more than ready when the time came.
    Have a lovely day – good to see the Nutella takes pride of place on the table at your house as well!

  5. Nice photo, sounds like a great day planned. Both my boys were late babies and I remember the first time around practically jogging up and down Hampstead Heath while eating a curry in desperation to get him out. Nothing worked. Have a fabulous day!

  6. I’m enjoying parts of it (the bump mostly!) but I am finding the movements very strange! I can’t wait for the exhaustion to be over though I know it will be replaced by another kind of exhaustion…

    I am very impatient and time seems to be dragging, that’s what frustrates me the most! I’m so looking forward to meeting our baby.

  7. Sounds lovely! I hated being pregnant – like having Aliens in my tum and I looked like a small Pacific nation on legs!

    Glad you had a lovely day! xx

  8. I’m very happy to not be pregnant this year – I spent last mothers day in hospital on a drip being rehydrated after my hyperemesis got totally out of control, which I guess was the beginning of the pregnancy misery for me

    Happy mothers day

  9. I second vetemitevix’ comment… And this time around, I’m just shocked how big I am at 15 weeks and keep wondering if there could be two in there (I’ve had 2 scans, there’s only one, but maybe it’s a huge baby? Which I may carry 42 weeks plus again? Help?!)

    I both like the idea of growing a baby, but find it also very very strange to have a baby moving and kicking inside my very own tummy…

    Glad you had a lovely day!

  10. You are a lucky girl- look at that breakfast. I had to get my own weetabix 🙁

    I loved being pregnant for the most part- hint hint @daddacool

  11. Nope not a fan of being pregnant (big fan of your breakfast, though). Love what pregancy results in, just could do without the tiredness/nausea/face blotches/leg veins and general feeling of being Mrs Weeble.

  12. I hate the sickness, but love the feminity. I hate getting fat, but love the eating. … I suppose I’m in two minds about it. I’m always happier past the six month mark, though, because I’m a pessimist.

  13. Yep! funnily I was one of those who loved, loved, LOVED being pregnant! I become broody every now and then, just for the sake of being pregnant again and reliving the excitement of the first positive test, the first scan, the second, the birth, yes the BIRTH too! I love giving birth… The only think that stops me from thinking of a third right now is the size of our house, the madness that 2 boys so close in age brings and the fact that the pregnancy is only the beginning. Once it is over you are left with a baby who grows into a toddler… I am not sure I want to have a third one of them… nor going through everything again, including potty training….
    Happy Mother’s Day lovely x

  14. ohhh no no i’m not excited to be pregnant at all! i like my stomach just the way it is thankyou!

    hmmm, i don’t think i’ve sorted out my coop vs. migro allegiance yet. i think i like migro better but the coop by us is way bigger and i have their card.
    so did you live in switzerland? what’s the story! =)
    andp.s. still working on the purse thing! haha…late, i know

  15. Happy mothers day to you! Hope Little L is feeling better, so sorry the swiss lunch didnt happen! But what beautiful weather we’ve got!
    LOL, LZ

  16. Oh and again more tears now. I hated being preganant, but I oh so love my boys. I an under the weather and all over emotional – sorry

  17. Oh I loved being pregnant! My daughter was 14 days late! I can’t say I loved being overdue but it was pretty funny to be on the tube and see the look on someone face when they ask you when you are due and you tell them that your due date was 10 days ago. I guess my daughter was just a slow roast.

  18. Sounds like the perfect Mothers Day to me… especially the prossecco for breakfast. We were meant to have some too but seeing as we’d consumed alcohol the night before, it didn’t sound like such a great idea! With you on the feeling weird having a bump! x

  19. How lovely your mother’s day. Mine was good too, after few hiccups.

  20. I was one of the few pregnant women who gasped when other mommies said “oh I love being pregnant.” hmm, not me. I think i enjoyed it about week 28 when I looked preggy and not overweight! then Baby was 6 days late!

    Happy day! I notice the Nutella..yummy!

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