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Mixed messages

mixed messages

No smoking. Now, really, absolutely no smoking! Ok, here’s the ashtray.

As spotted on a Lufthansa Boeing 737.


  1. Shows how old these planes are doesn’t it. Can you imagine how horrible it would be on a flight with people smoking?! Yuck.

  2. I think all planes still have ashtrays. It seems like something they could remove and patch over or something.

  3. yes that would just mess with you if you were a smoker trying very hard not to light up!

  4. I think it’s so cool that planes used to be smoker friendly…I can just imagine having a nice gin and tonic and a ciggy on a place ride to the Maldives! So James Bond..anyways, in reality I would find it totally gross. Hope the weekend was fun! Little L. is more adorable every time I see her! x LZ

  5. Ha ha…..I still remember the days when the back of economy class was one smoky fug. Uggh – how could any of us stand it?

  6. Before we had gobs of air miles and I travelled with my older two (as tots) to England, they used to stick all the families in the back – right next to the smokers. It was absolutely revolting!

  7. Yeah I remember when people used to smoke on planes – I am sort of a smoker but I never did – just the thought makes me want to hurl.

    Also what’s with those funny notices in plane toilets about ‘tampering with smoke alarms will lead to being fined $500’ can you imagine being that desperate for a fag and gettting a criminal record for that ha ha

  8. Ha ha do you remember the smoking carriages on the Tube? – you’d get on and when you got off you’d smell like a smoked kipper…no you were probably still in short trousers!

  9. hilarious! I was on a plane once where someone smoked in the bathroom. in 06. this woman’s husband also tried to walk to a different seat DURING TAKEOFF…i got rushed by all the stewardesses. apparently they didn’t speak english and had never flown before. scary! aaand, that’s the end of my random story 🙂

  10. Love it! Strange that they still have the ashtrays, at least it’s somewhere to stick your gum.

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