The worst political campaign ever?

Despite the little bras sign on our front door, saying ‘No Junk Mail’, I found this oeuvre cramped into our letter box:

Bridget or Labour

Could this be the worst political campaign ever? I mean, ‘It’s Bridget or Labour’? Really? Somebody seems to dislike that woman. Alternatively, they could have used  ‘It’s this old toad or Labour’ or ‘We don’t like her either, but at least she’s not Labour’.

I love when political choice is about the lesser evil. It fills me with hope. *sighs*


  1. I thought of you this morning when one of my monthly magazines arrived and one of the features was entitled “look slimmer by TONIGHT….”!!!!

    Happy Week-end! 🙂

  2. Ridiculous, mind you wait until @daddacool reads this blog, the rant it will entail about our local lib dems…
    Is it me or does Bridget look faintly zombie/ vampiric?

  3. I’m a political campaign consultant in the United States, but it’s always fascinating for me to see stuff about campaign strategy–including literature like this–in other countries.

    I don’t know if this is the worst campaign ever; I’ve seen some pretty horrible ones here in the U.S. that might rival this example!

  4. Sorry so long out of UK no idea what this is about …had hoped you were going to show Richard Barnbrook’s Barking campaign…oh here we go he is already shooting himself in the foot with the headline ‘Calling all armchair nationalists!’

  5. this is just lazy- the whole thing makes me want to cry to be honest- why can’t we have some politicians with integrity- aside from Vince Cable I don’t really see any

  6. What is the point of a feature like that? At least they didn’t follow a Bridget Jones type angle, I suppose. Roll on June when it’s all over.

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