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Zou gotta work for zour monnez – or: what I have been up to

jimmy choo

Mz husband asked me to do him a favour and spell-check ‘a few’ German texts. Sure. I switched my keyboard from English to German and happilz tapped along. Look at all the Äs and Ös and Üs! Exciting stuff!

Now that little L has settled happily into her two-day routine at the nursery, I am enjoying my freedom in rather unpredicted ways. Of all the things I missed from my former work life, PowerPoint hasn’t been on top of the list.  Of course, I am just trying to be helpful. But also, I have been eying up a pair of the above for a while.

Or maybe even these:

louboutinIt’s not that I weren’t allowed to spend money as I please to, as long as I am not ruining us. I.e. I could buy the shoes and feed the family a la That Girl 39 for the rest of the month. Beans on toast, anyone?

Sometimes I miss having ‘my own’ money. And I miss spending it unreasonably. I miss not justifying my unreasonableness. Even if that means eating beans on toast for the rest of the month.

So, back to the German kezboard. A girl’s gotta work for her shoes.


  1. I know what you mean. It’s funny how any money that I make is ‘fun money’ as opposed to my husband’s… some weird psychological thing I have going on.

    I think you should get the sandals!

  2. Yes, I agree! The second pair is just perfect! Hey, you’re an illustrator, any work we can see? 🙂

  3. Good to hear you have a little free time at last. I love the red shoes but of course I’d break my neck in them after about ten yards. Yikes. I’m turning into mother!

  4. I know what you mean about spending without really thinking about it. I feel a little more responsible with ‘our’ money these days. Love that red pair – actually I have a pair almost the same in blue from Russell & Bromley from way back – might need to dig them out again this summer.

  5. Zehr gut meine liebling. Love both pairs – wouldn’t be able to decide. Have both.

    I’ve started buying vintage. Then when my husband asks ‘is that new?’ I can legitimately say ‘ what this old thing?

  6. The last time I wore shoes like that I fell flat on my nose, scattering 10 books across the university’s main square, with an audience of a a few thousand probably. So a big no no for me, although I’d love to be able to wear shoes like that! If only balance and healthy feet were more on my side (my feet are the first thing that is falling apart with age).

    Arbeite schoen (I don’t know how to change the kezboard… so I pretend to be Swiss)!

  7. Oh I know what you mean Deborah, and I agree with @Urban Mums, get the sandals!

  8. I totally know what you mean. Can’t wait to start making some money for the shoe fund!

  9. I say Go for the wedges! The first pair I loooove! Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your adorable family. And I havent seen YOU in ages! x LZ

  10. I really know what you mean. Its always like that for me, when I have the money I dont have the time, and when I have time , NO money.

  11. Darling… beans on toast is perfect comfort food, you need to do this for your family out of LOVE and caring…

    Plus, Mothering Sunday = score!

    Warm hugs and quiches from Kitty (wink)

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