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lilly pulitzer animal crackers

Sometimes I find myself full of longing for a tiny bit of Lilly Pulitzer, college friend of Jacqueline Bouvier (better known as Jackie Kennedy), fashion designer and Queen of Preppiness. But this side of the pond there is just no getting your hands on a “Lilly” shift dress; as far as I know they are not stocked by Harrods anymore.

So I might have cried a little when James at Man of the 50s posted about Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers. Look at the packaging. It even has a little white strap attached to it to help little hands carrying it to the next picnic. And they are for a good cause, too!

Try and imagine my delight when this arrived:

Lilly Pulitzer crackers1

Yay, bubble wrap!

Lily Pulitzer crackers1

Interesting boxes.

Lily Pulitzer crackers2

Wow. So many!

Lily Pulitzer crackers3

There’s something inside.

Lily Pulitzer crackers4

Let’s find out…

Lily Pulitzer crackers6

I better try two. Just in case.

Lily Pulitzer crackers8

And they are extra yummy with milk!

Lily Pulitzer crackers9

Muuum! Stop eating my cookies!

Lily Pulitzer crackers5

Thank you so much, James, for sending this packet of gingerly Lilly delights over the pond, all its way from Ohio to London, UK. Thank you for letting a bit of bloggie friendship spill over into the real world, you have made our day!

I would grin from one ear to the other now, but I am afraid the cookie-crumble-saliva-mixture leaves unsightly stains on my cardigan…


  1. I want! Give me! Seriously, I thought it was just me who was a sucker for packaging and stuff. Not the packaging but the boxes – you know what I mean. We have this great shop here called Cybercandy which does all sorts of US imports – have to see if they’ve got these.

    You must preserve. Do not let baby get!

  2. OH my goodness! That is so sweet of James! And Little L must be completely ecstatic right now, chasing her Lilly Pullitzer animal farm cookies with milk! Yum! Lucky her. And lucky you!
    Happy weekending, see you on Monday! lol LZ

  3. How lovely, James is seriously a very very nice man!

    Happy long week-end 🙂

  4. Parallel commenting, I know!!

    Eva and Penelope…oh, me too! I wrote a blogpost recently entitled “I love you Penelope Cruz”….and it’s true….I just love her! She is totally gorgeous!

    Enjoy your parties! xo

  5. James says

    You are most very welcome. Those photos of Miss L made my day in return! So thank you too.

  6. THey look yummy!

    Here’s hoping being back in the UK means I’ll be allowed to comment now! Crossing my fingers…

  7. Oh my goodness I haven’t thought of these cookies in ages…. gosh they’re good! I think I’ll make a hint to dear old mum about including a box in my next care package for old times sakes!


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