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Malnourished Monday #18 – Fake your way to self esteem

kelly osbourne for st tropez

Take: A campaign to raise self esteem in young people. A well-known brand that possesses the funds and the means to support the campaign. A (the) leading youth charity to add credibility and host the campaign.

What’s not to like? Try adding a celebrity ambassador that either didn’t get a script or a campaign manager that must have gone missing in the midst of it.

Kelly Osbourne has been chosen to work as an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust Self Esteem Campaign. The Prince’s Trust is the leading youth charity in the UK and is doing amazing work fighting youth unemployment. So far so good.

In her role as ambassador, Miss Osbourne teamed up with self tan brand St Tropez. Now, I get that looking as pale as the wall behind you doesn’t necessarily help to make you feel a million bucks. But self esteem? Isn’t self esteem something that shouldn’t come off with the next shower? Plus, doesn’t it take self esteem in the first place to leave the house glowing like an orange after a nuclear attack?

On the backstage video, Kelly speaks about the Prince’s Trust and praises the great work they are doing with young people in giving them “…a future for themselves.” That was why she had to join in. I am not sure which role fake tan is supposed to play in this.

“I looked healthy, I looked like 10 pounds skinnier, and it started to make me look at my body in a different way. […] And then I kind of got addicted.”

10 pounds skinnier? Ah, now I get where the self esteem comes from. As we all know, skinnier = better = more beautiful = more self esteem.

And for the lost generation, the unemployed youth? Let’s turn them all into the next generation of Katie Prices and Peter Andres. I am sure that will help turn their lives around.

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  1. I agree, this Marketing Campaign is wrong on so many levels. My understanding is that the Prince’ Trust have withdrawn their funding. And quite rightly so.

  2. I admire the Prince’s Trust a lot and am sure the campaign is worthwhile but… I am just fed up with the idea that being orange is attractive! It’s like if you say somethinge enough times it becomes true- the fact that fake tan, hair and nails and everything are so popular is indicative of how fake the world is now I’m afraid

  3. The PT does many great things, but this comes from such a bad angle with all the wrong messages. Ms Osbourne looks great after all that dancing but fake tan is unnecessary and she has no idea what she’s talking about. Ignorant and naive.

  4. This just makes me so angry…
    I used to quite admire the fact that Kelly Osbourne was someone who looked a little different to all the perma-tanned starlets, however, now she appears to be sending the message to young girls that looking like a WAG is the only way you can feel good about yourself.
    What were the Prince’s Trust thinking?

  5. That’s a very confusing message they’re sending. I’m so happy I’m in my thirties already (first time I’ve ever felt like that!)

  6. This is super ridiculous. Since when does a girl who’s famously been yoyo-ing with her weight, her mental stability and her relationships stand for self esteem??!!!! Kelly, what are you thinking?! Even worse for the PT. This is all wrong. x LZ

  7. I thought I read somewhere that the Princes Trust has distanced themselves from this after pressure from the lobby group PINKSTINKS. I am off to check out this group, it sounds interesting.

  8. Oh dear… whilst I admit to not being averse to a bit of the old St Tropez Everyday now and then… this all went a bit wrong didn’t it?! Oops! Looks like the prince was left with stinky omelette on his face! x

  9. Seriously? Seriously?! This beggars belief….I was going to say how long will it be until The Prince’s Trust pulls this campaign but it looks like they already have. What a faux pas.

  10. Aaaargh, I can’t even begin to unravel how much this bothers me and why.

    What about the campaigns to make us all aware of the link between sun exposure and skin cancer? It’s high time we stopped seeing tanned skin as attractive. Tanned skin = damaged skin.

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  12. Oh dear – I can’t believe that the Princes Trust could tie up with someone who just doesn’t get what they do

    Fake tan has never made me look 10 lbs lighter, just orange and streaky… hmmmmm

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