The grass is always greener…


After what feels like an eternity of pondering on where to move and how to prioritise our apparently endless list of needs and demands, we have finally made a decision. We went from ‘let’s move into a big house in the Kent countryside tomorrow’ to ‘let’s move into a sleek apartment in Chelsea Harbour in summer’ to ‘let’s not move until little L has to start school’.

Our (slightly dreamy) list of requirements contains a neighbourhood with a village-y feel to it (think rather Gstaad than Croydon), good local schools, a spacious house, a small private garden, a garage, being close to parks and the river and a few stops on the tube into central London.

Apart from the garage (sorry, Big M!), we have found that place: It’s called Richmond Upon Thames, and yes, the grass is greener on the other side of the Thames. House-hunting season has officially begun!

The best bit about it: as Richmond happens to be a borough of London, I don’t even have to change my blog name.


  1. Good choice- Richmond is absolute heaven. It’s definitely where I would move to if I had a family- in fact I’d rather like to live there now! it’s always been one of my dream places to live at some stage- in fact it might be next after the current place!

  2. @Rose: And then we HAVE to meet for coffee. At the latest. I bet know you reconsider your wish to move to Richmond 😉

  3. Good choice! Used to work in Richmond – definitely still London but with lots of extra benefits – including Kew Gardens just down the road (you see, I had to get in the horticultural angle!)

  4. Oh yes bravo! Was wondering what you were going to do about the name of your blog. Used to live in Barnes and shopped in Richmond all the time. And of course you’ve got Richmond Park (where the deers are) and Kew and Kew retail park with a massive Mothercare and…oh you’ll have a fabulous time.

  5. WHAT?! You come on here and glide smoothly onto on Twitter to tell me that you considered and then REJECTED the Kentish countryside?! I am gutted. My mouth has formed a *. But absolutely delighted for you, of course, and I look forward to joining you in Richmond (only one of my favourite places on this Earth, so agree with Rose) just as soon as I’ve married rich or won the lottery. Fxxxxx

  6. I have heard such good things about Richmond and am also thinking of it for a family area (when that time comes!). Sounds like the perfect comprimise between city and country. Good luck with the hunt!

  7. Great choice. We will be almost neighboors. Richmond is definetely lovely and family friendly

  8. That is a great move I reckon. Much better than Chelsea or Kent! You may end up being 5 minutes clsoer to us than before as well which obviously great news:)

  9. Oh bravo! It took us ages to find the right location as I was adament we were not to leave my little nest in North London, but once we settled on a patch just a little more North, we found our dream house within a matter of weeks! Location, location, location…may the fun of house hunting begin! xx

  10. Very good choice, I lived in Twickenham for a few years and loved it. All those pubs and bars by the river on a sunny day. Good luck finding somewhere. The only downside to Richmond is being under the Heathrow flight path but you get used to it. At least concorde doesn’t go over any more, that used to ruin my Saturday morning lie-ins!

  11. Richmond is lovely. I lived in Putney for a couple of years, and used to bike to Richmond Park for exercise.

  12. Congrats on finally finding a place to make home! It’s so difficult at times to settle somewhere, even if it’s something we really want. Pix are necessary, soon!

  13. I grew up near Richmond and it is so beautiful – it has a feel of being completely out of London and yet is so close! I am really pleased you’ve found somewhere so nice. Best of luck with your move xx

  14. Richmond is awesome….still London but without the big City feel. Good luck with the house hunting!

  15. OMG – you’re moving to my neck of the woods. We’ll have to meet up. Like in real life. Imagine.

    I can give you all the lowdown. Let the search begin!

  16. Hurruh… how exciting! I look forward to tales of your home hunting and look forward even more to seeing pics of the finished result! Good Hunting Young Woman! xx

  17. I used to live in Richmond. It’s a wonderful place. I have very happy memories of being there. Well done on finally making the big decision – you made a great one!

  18. not at all- i will come to Richmond for coffee gladly- or north London!

  19. Oh my goodnes. I LOVE Richmond on Thames. I lived in nearby Surrey for many years and we had friends there. The park and river is gorgeous. You will absolutely adore it there. I’m typing this with such excitement that you would think I was moving there! Great choice.

  20. Richmond, Barnes, Ham…all LOVELY and if I had Mick Jaggers budget I would be there too! Good luck with finding somewhere. And post pictures when you do. It is the perfect compromise. You won’t feel too anxious about being out of London, and it’s close to lots of space, parks, river etc…for lovely walks. Enjoy!

  21. Its not St Albans though is it? Only joking! Lovely place, ideal for everything you need. I hope you find something easily and soon, ive got my fingers crossed.


  22. WEM says

    Oh yes, Richmond is loverly, and V. quick to Waterloo on overground. I freelanced there for a bit, loved walking by the river and the shops are super. Where are you now, I think I might be moving your way shortly – are you near Monkey Nuts?!!
    WEM xx

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