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Bring out the cook in you: Tana Ramsay’s kitchen secrets

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Bank holiday weekend is lying ahead of us, and I already know what will be cooking in our pots on Sunday: succulent Indian lamb chops accompanied by a lemon-zesty couscous, followed by heavenly chocolate cupcakes. I tried it on my in-laws the other weekend and the recipes weren’t only easy peasy, the in-laws are still alive!

Brother and sister in law. Happy. And alive!

Brother and sister in law. Happy. And alive!

The recipes were taken from Tana Ramsay’s new cookbook Tana’s kitchen secrets, which I have been given to review. Even better: two lovely readers are able to win a copy all to themselves. Just leave a comment until next Tuesday, 8 AM to take part.

Don't laugh. Cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes. This is diversity and inclusion!

Don't laugh. Cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes. This is diversity and inclusion!

Tana’s book oozes great and simple advice that promises to ‘bring out the cook in you’. It’s the kind of advice you would expect to be passed on to you by your mum or granny. In my case they have been too busy burning their bras to have time for these kinds of mundanities. So thank you, Tana, for adding significantly to my late domestication.

Look who's laughing now...

Look who's laughing now...

I am definitely going to try more of the recipes in the book. Everything looks very appealing and approachable – it’s a pleasure to browse through the recipes and gaze at the mouthwatering pictures. Also, I think that this cookbook would make a nice present for any (male or female) cook in training.

Only one thing to criticise: the cupcakes turned out to be a bit dry. It’s what I complain about every time I buy cupcakes. The only cupcake recipe that seems to avoid this flaw is the YOSEF. But the icing truly was heavenly and tasted like mousse au chocolat!

If you are interested in the recipes for the Indian lamb, the couscous and/or the cupcakes, let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Happy Bank holiday weekend!


  1. Alex says

    Useless cook here; any help would be fab! On a cupcake note though, the hummingbird bakery choc ones are very food and very moist!

  2. Carolinesweetie says

    I love baking and I already use her lemon drizzle cake recipe which us so easy and makes fab cakes. Would love to have the book

  3. A friend of my here in NL raved about Tana’s book – she said it was so much better than Gordons, and great for family food. Those Indian lamb chops sounds delicious. Enjoy.

  4. I cannot cook at all and my shiny new kitchen is used only for storage!!! Your cup cakes look delicious x

  5. I love the sound of anything that’s easy peasy, I have been really struggling here for some inspiration and easy peasiness as cooking for the small herd can be a marathon event….would be defo interested in the recipe for Indian Lamb pls xxx

  6. Sounds great. It’s sometimes hard to find cookbooks where recipes actually work so this one with your recommendation of success makes it all the more desirable!

  7. Ooh, ooh, ooh, did you say new cookbook? Now you KNOW I’d give it a good home! Particularly like the sound of that chocolate truffle icing – it’s so hard to get a good, tasty chocci topping.

    Btw, can I just ask what little L was up to in Photo 2? Caption says, Brother & Sister in law, Happy and Alive. Is little L trying to challenge that? We need the photo taken straight after this moment!

    😉 x

  8. Ooh I love Tana Ramsay – her recipes are always very simple and colourful. Hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend Met Mum! xx

  9. i always need cooking inspiration so enter me please *waves hand* xxx

  10. Kelly says

    Ohhh I have been coveting this book, would be fab if I won a copy. That dinner sounds amazing.

  11. Jo Bryan says

    The cakes look tasty, I dislike dry dry sponge too, I now substitute some butter pr marg with oil, very moist indeed.
    I love the fact that I have the opportunity to win the book, please add me, sounds really good to read and use.

  12. I have perfected flapjacks and I make a mean fish pie. However, cupcakes frighten me. They seem to elicit an awful lot of discussion which is always unsettling when it comes to baked goods. It implies there are many, many ways to completely cock them up.

  13. Martine says

    Lemon-zesty cous-cous sounds fab.I’d love to win the book.

  14. mel butcher says

    this book looks amazing, i’d love to win a copy, thank you for the competition

  15. Yes, please, email me the recipe for cupcakes (I hope it’s for dummies like me!)

  16. fety says

    Tana Ramsey’s recipes are great and work. I have tried her lemon drizzle cake and it was so yummy!!!!!!!! I would love to try the cupcakes. Please email me the recipe. And please, please, please send me a copy of her book. many thanks,

  17. Sounds like a good one. And any cookbook with chocolate cupcake recipes is loved in my kitchen (my husband is a sucker for a chocolate cupcake)

  18. I really should make cupcakes one day… (Have been thinking that for about five years now.)

  19. Jim M. says

    Really decent post… I love it. Keep ’em coming… 🙂

  20. I’d love to win a copy- I went home to see my folks for Sunday and Monday and had all my favourite home cooked things- they might not be haute cuisine but to me my Mum’s roasts, spaghetti and egg sandwiches are the best in the whole world- sometimes home cooking is the best

  21. Yay, we have two winners. Drawn through at #10: Looking Fab in your 40s and at #23 Ginni. Congratulations and happy cooking!

  22. Yaaaayyyyy!!!! My first parcel in the mail in my new home!!! Thanks so much! Feels like Christmas!!

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