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Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare review & giveaway

Call me a fanatic. Call me an addict. Call me a victim of cleverly devised marketing plans. IT’S NOT MY FAULT, I JUST LOVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS!  Sorry for crying out loud.

Naturally, when a lovely PR lady from Liz Earle offered me to review a few products from their wonderful, no-nasties skin care range, I had to say yes.

Alas, in my greed enthusiasm for all produce that promises to enhance one’s looks, I have been a little short sighted. Despite knowing better, I ignored the small print (read: I didn’t read the label). But don’t you worry – I have paid my dues.

liz earle superskin concentrate

Superskin Concentrate

Let’s say your skin type was normal to dry with a tendency to once-a-month breakouts. So. What about smothering your face in an oil that is meant to work its wonders on mature skin? During the week before your period is due? What about ignoring the instruction ‘a small amount’ and layering it on, because you just can’t get enough of that lovely smell and gorgeous texture?

Well. What about pimples?

I told you I had paid my dues.

However, I found that mixing it with my (slightly drying) foundation creates a very pleasant dewy effect. I am not sure if I should keep on experimenting with it, but it just feels so good…

liz earle superskin lip and eye

Superskin Lip & Eye Treatment

Although again aimed at a slightly more mature clientele (or skin types), the Superskin Lip & Eye Treatment gets 10 out of 10! It definitely does leave the skin feeling plump and rejuvenated – without ‘sitting’ on the skin. I used it underneath concealer and it completely hinders the ‘highlighting wrinkles’ effect I usually get. Faith/face restored.


Now for the giveaway: Leave a comment in the box below and tell me about your favourite beauty product. Or about your ultimate beauty nightmare. Perm gone wrong? Pimples the size of Eyjafjallajokull on a date? Streaky orange tan-disaster?

Bare all until Monday, 17 May 2010, 7PM GMT+1.

The winner is in for a heavenly Liz Earle pamper packet, including the Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream, Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash, Energising Hip and Thigh Gel and the Energising Body Scrub.


  1. At the moment my ultimate bauty treatment, is a bath on my own with out the minis – yes small things matter at the moment.

  2. My worse beauty nightmare was when I decided to dye my hair “Little Mermaid” red and I used the L’Oreal red dye…it was a while back when the product had so many chemicals in it, it would sting your eyes like a burning fire. Unfortunately not only did it get into my eyes but the red got all over my favourite top and stained my fingers for about a week! Decided to never dye my hair again…at least not with an OTC product:)

  3. Oh, “plump and rejuvenated” I want some as long as it stays a long, long way away from the bits I’m trying to unplump.

    It’s complicated to arrange plump after a certain age.


  4. I am almost too embarassed to admit this but… About 12 years ago a family member began participating in a pyramid scheme that sold household products. I was given a sample with a pamphlet touting the amazing wonders this cleaning product produced. In fact it was allegedly so organic and wonderful that it could be used to clear up pimples by applying a small dab on the infected area of your face. (I KNOW, who would believe that? A younger version of me, that’s who.)

    Anyway. As you can imagine, I awoke the next morning to a flaming red face. In fact the skin was peeling right off. It took weeks for my poor face to look normal again. I actually welcomed my blemishes for many months after that episode.

    Oh, and now I stick with a natural soap specifically designed for my FACE and a light moisturizer. I love it! 🙂

  5. My skin could do with a little loving care after 2 weeks in the sun. And I could sure use some energising hip and thigh treatment as mine have no energy whatsoever right now!! Too many donuts to thank for that!

    Worst experience – a weird self tan that made my skin look like it was flaking off – not the most attractive look really !!!

  6. Are you kidding me? I use that concentrate every single night.
    I discovered Liz Earle and Neal’s Yard about 4 years ago and never looked back.
    Cleanse and Polish is one of the best beauty products bar none and I have mild panic attacks that it will be discontinued (so I always have at least 2 in stock!)
    I am a VERY big product junkie and have tried them all (I used to review them for the paper I worked for) and always come back to these two.

    Beauty disasters? How about the day my then 3 year old drip drip dripped the bottle of £82 face serum between the floorboards because he ‘liked the sound it made’?

  7. I love love love Liz Earle products – her hand cream is my all time favourite beauty product. I’ve searched for the right hand cream for about 20 years and this is the only thing that actually hydrates and heals whilst isn’t greasy – its divine

  8. I must admit, I have never tried these brand.
    My vice is Frizz Ease from John Frieda, the only product that tames my hair.

  9. My favorite product is Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. It fills in my wrinkles.

    Worst beauty nightmare? It was a long time ago..

    Dying my hair orange for an Offspring concert and, instead of going to the concert, having to spend all night with my head over the bath and my father holding the shower hose over my head while I washed it out.

    Strict parents.

  10. Favorite beauty product…so so many, but I can’t live without Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus Tinted Moisturizer and Benefit Brow Zings. My eyebrows are very fair and the Brow Zings powder them in naturally.

    Beauty disaster… I have very curly hair (I’m mixed race) and my mother who has very straight hair convinced me to get a bob when I was twelve. Because she has straight hair, I didn’t know that you aren’t supposed to brush curly hair until I was in my mid teens (mommy brushes her hair, why shouldn’t I). I had short, frizzed out hair in the shape of a triangle in my early teen years. All photos from this period have been destroyed.

  11. My favourite product is something new I’ve just used for the past two week: Neal’s Yard Face Polish. All natural, nothing bad inside and smells divine!

    beauty disaster – the occasional HUGE pimple you think you’ve outgrown from your teen years only to come back and haunt you as an adult. 🙂 Ugh. That always ruins my day… week!

  12. My beauty nightmare wasn’t really relating to a product; I got a bad insect bite on my head and it made me having a little bald patch! it was only say the size of a penny and easily covered as I have very thick hair, but still- I wasn’t happy!

    The Liz Earle products do smell wonderful- and as you know I am picky about smell. They also seem excellent, i have only used the cleanser but it’s ‘mazing- and less messy than some other organix cleansers like Dr H (though I do worship the work of Dr H)

  13. Oooh goodies! I have had many beauty nightmares and mostly of the hair variety. Although the one that tops the bill for me was when I was a teen, the facial sun tanning lamps were all the rage (horror now!) My mum had one & you’re supposed to wear goggles to use it. For some reason I didn’t think the goggles were big enough so i folded tissues into SQUARES and place them under the goggles! I had to go about for two days with a bright red face and two very symmetrical bright white square eyes. So not a good look! xx

  14. Helen says

    Fave product at the mo is Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Serum – its so luxurious feeling as it contains silicone and smells fab. In fairness I am not sure its actually doing anything to my skin but makes me happy when I apply it under or sometimes over make up when I get home. Worst beauty mistake was as a teenager reading Banana was good for your hair. Well there must have been a bit more too it than randomly mashing and spreading on hair as it wouldnt wash out and my mum spent hours combing out the lumps!! Oh the shame – havent thought about that in a long time.

  15. Fave product at moment is Benefit Honey Scrub – soft, moisturising and smells delicious.

    Worst beauty mistake was as 14yo repeatedly using leftover self-tan (meant for legs) on my face over a weekend and having to parade round high school the following week looking like an aged orange.
    Am cringing now just at the memory.

    LCM x

  16. Hello – just wanted to follow up on the comment you left on my blog. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble selling your house. It may sound a little supersticious, but many people I know, including us, bury a St. Joseph statue in the front yard (he is known as the protector of families and homes) and say a prayer each morning. Then, once your house sells, you are supposed to dig up the statue and place it in your new home to watch over your family. May sound like a bunch of hocus pocus, but it’s amazing how many people I know, including us, who have sold homes quickly after doing this. In fact, there’s a local religious store that has an entire secton with kits dedicated to this practice! So, give it a try, you never know! Good luck!

  17. Debbie says

    I absolutelly love love love Liz Earle products!! I always use the cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic & Skin repair moisturiser. Great for removing make up without any problems. I couldn’t be without the ‘spot on’ treatment as well for any hideous breakouts. I only wish I could afford to indulge in all the other products on offer more often, alas they are usually reserved for birthday/Christmas/Mothers Day etc

  18. I hardly ever find any kind of facewash etc that doesn’t make me break out in hives and consequently I don’t really wear much makeup either which is good because else I’d be bankrupt because I get my gel nails done every two weeks, hair highlights plus I went bonkers recently and had those false lashes glued on my eyelids and now everyone mistakes me on the street for Beyonce (joke)…
    As for worst beauty moment try the three years 13 – 16 when my face was full of pustules. All time low: a six year old brother of a friend said, “Why is your face covered in bee stings?”

  19. Mother Hen says

    I now the Neals yard and could smell it out from 50 paces but not familiar with Liz Earle. As far as favs, my hand cream that I keep in the car, by the phone, by the bed, in the kitchen, you get where I am going here. And it is so simple- Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal hand care. Swear on my Apples life that it has made the age spots on my hands vanish. I have started using it on my chest area as it has SPF as well and wow. Best hand cream ever 🙂

    Sad, soiled, beauty moments tell there own story when you open up my bathroom closet and look at all the strange and wonderful and dissapointing beauty products I have tried. I open the door then close the door again just thinking about the money I have waisted on trying to find the perfect product…Still, I can’t seem to bin them though.

  20. Jo Bryan says

    You really sold the Superskin Concentrate to me, with skin sounding the same and a need for something thats great to use, these sound fab.

    Worst disaster oh which ones to choose, a perm with a young new hairdresser without the correct supervision resulted in my long locks being above my shoulder and a gruesome mismatched size curly bonce that was better set on the head of a B movie zombie flick.

    I have recovered finally from the tears and tantrums I had.

  21. I’ve never tried Liz Earle so this is very exciting! Fave beauty product is vaseline intensive care body moisteriser. Works as an after sun and soaks in quickly and is not too thick. Beauty disaster, wearing fake eyelashes, crying a lot and not realsing one was climbing half way down my face like a spider… And a short hair cut which made me look like a fifty year old man. Never ever having short hair again…

  22. Elizabeth Burton says

    I’ve never tried Liz Earle either, and would love too. My beauty routine’s sadly neglected since the arrival of our daughter. Get a frantic shower and hairwash each morning under the barrage of flying missiles being thrown over shower curtain, and just about find time to put on a bit of lippy and mascara. That’s it! Must must make more time. Got a facial booked for me for my birthday last month and was massively told off by therapist for not mouisturing :0( Oops! If I won this I absolutely promise to use it x

  23. Louisa says

    My worst beauty nightmare has to be..
    When I was around 15? and decided to dye my hair from ebony black to platinum blonde, I had my doubts about it however being the naive teen that I was, I decided it would miraculously turn out well even though I was doing it at home, whilst using crappy bleach from boots! Consequently, it was a total nightmare, my hair turned orange as I should have expected! about a quarter fell out and broke off and I was left growing it out for the next 2 years, NEVER AGAIN! Wonderful blog and excellent giveaway!:)xx

  24. Just before going off to the US on a business trip I decided to have a radical hair restyle and colour, I eneded up with burnt, patchy looking hair colour and a style with a hole in the back only discovered after I got home

  25. sgs says

    My favorite beauty product is Borghese’s Fango facial mud mask.

  26. My worst was when I was a kid of about 8, playing with a razor in the bathroom with my best friend. So we got all giggly and stupid and I accidently shaved one of my eyebrows 1/4 off. then we did the other one to match. But it didn’t match. Then we went back to the first eyebrow and took a tiny bit more off to balance it with the second one……this went on and on, until we had to show my mum and I was basically nearly eyebrowless. I can’t remember how long it took to grow back or how weird I looked. But I do remember laughing with my best friend till I nearly wet myself. My mum didn’t find it half as funny. xx

  27. Oh this is fun!
    My worst beauty disaster, which I should have blogged about – was last month when I decided to go BLONDE. Yep, me and my dark hair walked in to the salon and demanded blonde. I GUESS it was a type of blonde – more like orange blonde? It was awful. Not good with my complexion at all! So then I went back and had it dyed back to my regular color. and THEN a week later dyed it really dark. When all was said and done I was happy with my hair color =)

  28. p.s. i’m not sure where swiss hairstylists are educated but it CAN’T be hard.

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