the mads 2010Of course, I have been at the polling station today to vote in the local election. But it doesn’t stop just here. Thanks to you, Metropolitan Mum has been shortlisted as Best Looking MAD Blog 2010. Yay!

Who cares that you rate my blog’s looks over my – ahem – accomplished writing? Go, show some shallow love and vote for Metropolitan Mum. I am in for some fierce and good looking competition. So every vote counts.


  1. Congrats – I’ll have to place my vote today. Oh, and your American blogger friends are watching the polls in your part of the world. It will be very interesting to see what happens. Good luck!

  2. Congratulations on being shortlisted. May the best-looking blogger win!

  3. I already voted for you once and unfortunately they don’t let me vote again but good luck!

  4. James says

    Voted for you. but I know I speak for all your followers ,it ain’t shallow love! Good luck!

  5. Very Exciting stuff…..well done you!! I’m open to bribes as my vote hasn’t yet been cast 😉

  6. Am gonna vote for you! There’s an award for you over at mine with a pair of Manolo’s on it – unfortunately they don’t come free with it! xx

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