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Why walk when you can run?

We passed a major milestone in the Met Mum household. Little L started walking. Or rather, running…

Taking off

Taking off





little L walking2


Hitting the target!

Hitting the target!

Have a lovely weekend, you all!


  1. Oh my goodness! These are the sweetest pictures! I miss my little babies, now! (They’re all grown up)
    Enjoy every precious “baby” moment!

  2. Big M says

    These pictures are so touching! Funny how a bit of walking can be so aw inspiring.

  3. Oh! Such adorable photos! Her delighted face, the little wisps of hair flying about–reminds me so much of photos of my daughter at that age (becoming broody now). How sweet!

  4. My favourite picture is “pacing”, so happy and cheerful and full of energy

  5. Awww so sweet. We have one of those dogs! Now they still ‘play’ with it, long after the requirement for a walking aid has passed! Babies grow up so fast, walking is indeed a big milestone. Such a cutie. x

  6. I both wept and smiled when my two started walking – it’s definitely the end of babyhood. Hello toddlerdom! So cute.

  7. There will be no stopping her now.
    Have a great weekend.

    B xxx

  8. I’m so in love with this little one! She is such a fantastic little girl and she will keep amazing me with all her milestones. Well done Little L. and well done MM and Big M! xLZ

  9. Oh this is lovely what fabulous photos ! All three of my children hit their walking stride at different ages – my oldest son was 10 months, number 2 was 20 months and my daughter, the demon crawler around 18 months. I love that waddle thing. Enjoy ! x

  10. running is always soooo much more fun that walking!!! 🙂
    Cute kiddo! 🙂

  11. She is precious! Love her little skirt and shoes. Now you’ll really have to be on alert – kids are FAST!

  12. Aw! I feel quite emotional…have seen her important milestone and it came around so quick! Now the fun really begins!! 😉

  13. well done little one!!!! my pud isn’t walking yet but she’ll walk with her walker and when i’m holding her hands but as soon as i let go she’s on her bottom!!! i’m sure she’ll do it soon i hope!! xxxx

  14. Fantastic! Look at her go in those little shoes and tights. Congratulations 😉

  15. Oh so sweet.

    How are you doing with the house-hunting, by the way?

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