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Dear friends, mes amis, liebe Freunde. When you read this I will hopefully be on my way to the beautiful South of France. Big M had mercy with our frozen toes and sent little L and me to a place where the sun is a constant and reliable companion.

For the next four weeks, I will have very limited internet access – if at all. I am going to miss you, but I am strong. I am going to cope. I might need to drown my sorrow in Chardonnay, but I will get through it.

Have a lovely time and see you again in July, hopefully at Cybermummy.

Mhmmm. Funny. All of a sudden I am thinking about a certain song. I wonder why…


  1. If I do not get to meet you at CM this time round after the J-Lo film debacle, I will blame short-sightedness.

    Or avoidance on your side as I intend to wear my triathlon top with name emblazoned on the back so you CANNOT fail to see me!

    Have a lovely time. Very envious.

    LCM x

  2. Have the most wonderful time you lucky thing and I’ll see you on the 3rd!!!

  3. Big M says

    Ohh that is where you guys are….
    You are missed muchly!

  4. Have a lovely time. Looking forward to seeing you at CM.

    And it means that when I went bouncing up to a very lovely looking lady with a youngish little girl at a playground in London this weekend asking if they were Met Mum, it obviously wasn’t you. I’ll take the south of France excuse just this once!

    Have a great time. Very very jealous. xx

  5. That is so exciting! I’m very jealous but also very happy, mostly happy for you and Little L. Have a fantastic time and send us some pics of the little one dancing around in the water again:) see you when you get back x LZ

  6. You lucky thing! Have a wonderful time – hopefully see you at Cybermummy! x

  7. have a fab time darling!! I hope you have a tv in paradise though because you don’t want to miss the world cup

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