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Passing on my love for shoes

papillon marelybone2

For the shoe lover in training

I should have known better. If I had done my homework, I could have easily found out that the co-founder of gorgeous children’s shoes shop Papillon is Anya Hindmarch’s sister. I could have known what kind of crowd to expect at the opening party of Papillon’s new flagship store in Marelybone.

papillon marelybone3

It’s a bad sign to be outstaged by food

London socialites, handbag empire rulers, TV starlets and nannies, nannies, nannies. So, with the background knowledge of the above, what do you think equals skinny J Brand jeans + Bloch ballerina pumps + Marlene Birger tanktop? Exactly, you’ve got it right. Underdressed!

Spending an hour rolling around on the green in Regents Park pre launch party resulted in a very relaxed little L, but also made her easily the dirtiest baby attending the event. Hey, you’ve gotta stand out somehow.

I am trying to take being asked “And who’s nanny are you?” by one of the au pairs as a compliment. It’s been exactly seven years since this happened to me the last time. I guess I haven’t changed much but kept my youthful looks. Ahem.

papillon marelybone1

Founders Felicia, Maggie and Nicole

The highlight of the afternoon certainly was my brief conversation with Papillon co-founder Maggie Snouck. Maggie started thinking about starting her own business and selling children’s shoes when she was not happy with what’s been on offer for her own offspring’s tiny feet.  And she did a fabulous jop changing the landscape of children’s footwear to the better.

We will most certainly be back for a measuring and a pair of red baby Mary Janes. Or these little darlings:

papillon shoesTo pass on your love of shoes to your little ones, visit Papillon’s new flagship store on 98 Marylebone Lane in London W1U 2QA. Or try Papillon’s website.


  1. God your outfit would have been posh for me! Don’t have an Anya Hindmarch bag either that I could have flaunted. Not even that ‘I am not a bag’ she did for Sainsbury’s. Cute shoes.
    My fave baby shop at the moment is Caramel. But can I afford it? No.

  2. Oh those are beautiful utterly beautiful – am NOT going to go to that website just yet (Toddlergirl has lovely shoes right now… we do not need any more… really)

  3. At least you weren’t wearing your h&m zip up tracksuit top… pretty shoes!

  4. Mais non, Ginni, it’s not been a tracksuit top! It’s been a cunning way to channel Helmut Lang’s attenuated, urban aesthetic without splashing out on the real deal. Tststs! But what am I getting upset – I remember you refusing to comb your hair back then. 🙂

  5. such delightful shoes. I was a very lucky little girl and had lots of those mary janes for little people. I adore them, if I ever have a little girl she will wear these, I firmly believe good shoes when I was little are the reason I have no bunions, growths, strange sticky out bits on my feet and they started my shoe fetish young

  6. I was mistaken for my toddler’s nanny once because my daughter fell off the slide while I was chatting with someone and she was crying and I didn’t bat an eyelid because I knew it was just a little accident. A woman came up to me and said, “you’re the nanny aren’t you that’s why you’re not going to that poor child!” It could also be because I have the pert breasts of a sixteen year old tho! [not really]

  7. Ooo, how gorgeous, I love childrens shoes, sadly my small herd of chaps aren’t remotely intersted and only like to wear converse or trainers… however, I can still indulge my gorgeous god-daughterxxx

  8. Ooooh….they are verrrry pretty! I love shoes and unfortunately so does Chick!! I might have to buy her some Mary Janes!

  9. Hey Deborah, I just gave you a Beautiful Blog award! You can drag the icon from my sidebar if you want and put it on your blog! Hope you’re having a good day!

  10. This is my first time here and it feels like a party :-)……my daughter has more shoes than me (almost), coz my mom and dad shop for her whenever they are bored, which is almost every week

  11. Love the shoes for little feet… now if I only lived on your side of the ocean, I could shop there to shop for all of the young people in my life. Maybe I’ll have to make a trip to London this fall. 😉

    And I’m sure you still looked adorable at the event!!

  12. i think that it always lovely to pass on to your daughters a love of things very close to your heart…for me that is australia ….& shoes…how heavenly is this party…
    & those mary janes in red are my idea of little gal perfection…..
    melissa ……x

  13. How gorgeous are these little shoes!!! I would be spending far too much money if I was anywhere close to that shop and if I had a girl of course 🙂

    Are you going to Cybermummy lovely?

  14. Those shoes are gorgeous! Looks like a fab event and I love that little L was rolling about in the dirt beforehand! She is a true style rebel! xx

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