Summer, Travelling

Four weeks in Saint-Tropez

And plenty of things have been going on…


There’s been lots of driving.


We switched from Formula to cow’s milk.


There was a bit of shopping and a lot of window shopping.


Shades of blue and turquoise to lay your eyes on.


La varicelle. Which sounds so much nicer than ‘chickenpox’.


Gorgeous views.


Improved walking skills.


And a very long drive home.

We are back. RSS reader: 743 unread items. Inbox: 728. Bags to unpack: 6.

Gotta run now and try to sort out something clean to wear for tomorrow.

Squealing with excitement, Met Mum.


  1. Oh my goodness! welcome home! So much has happned indeed! Can’t believe poor Little L got la varicelle:( she seems to have receovered though! Have fun tomorrow, hopefully see you soon! x LZ
    ps: there is a chance I might stop by yours to say hi to Big M and Little L with medium B:)

  2. Welcome home, looks like you had a wonderful time apart from the chickenpox! Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow x

  3. So jealous of your vacation in St. Tropez. Have always wanted to go there, but my German husband doesn’t care much for France. Ugh! Anyway, your daughter is adorable. Poor thing witht he chicken pox. They seem to be going around England right now. Don’t have many cases these day in the States since most children get vaccinated against them.

  4. Wow, a lot of things have gone on, I see. Your daughter is a very beautiful thing, I’ll tell you that. This is the second post of yours I have read, and strangely (must be the photos) I feel like I’ve read a million.
    GM xo.

  5. Woohoo you are back!!! And it looks like you had a blast (apart from la varicelle of course).
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow xxx

  6. That’s where you have been?! St. Tropez – so jealous! So sorry your little one came down with chickenpox – not fun. But, better to get it over with now. I contracted them at 14. Terrible, simply terrible.

  7. I was wondering where you had wandered off to, sounds like it was absolutely dreamy! Welcome back, you have been missed my friend!

  8. Welcome back to the real world.
    Once was on holiday in Idaho skiing for three weeks and on third day, my 3 year old got the dreaded pox.
    It was easier to cover her up when it was cold out.
    The lovely photos of your little girl are really sweet, spots and all!

  9. Looks wonderful – and if you’re going to have to cope with chicken pox, St Tropez is probably not a bad place to have to do it…..welcome back!

  10. James says

    She is an angel to be sure. Can not wait to hear all about it.

  11. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope little L is much better now 🙂

  12. Ahhh welcome back MM – missed you! We were in Cannes this time last year so your post is timely as I recall it being beautiful. Hot. Expensive! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Good luck with the catch-up exercise! Lou x

  13. St Tropez… lovely pics. Hope la v has all cleared up. My son had la v whilst in France, the French are so much less stressed than the English … – HMx

  14. Looks like heaven. Welcome back!

    We did the rash-French doctor thing once, too. They seem to like giving drugs more than my own.

  15. It looks so fun! little L is so pretty and at least she had teh varicella very young and won’t have to worry about it ever again.

    Hope cybermummy was very fun and hopefully we can meet up some time over the summer x

  16. Great to have you back and love all your photos!! Poor little one with the chicken pox – St Tropez is far too glamourous to have that! Like the window shopping pic outside Louis Vuitton too! xx

  17. Welcome back. Sounds like a great time was had by all – apart from the chicken pox! So many kiddies have it here too, but mine have yet to join in!

  18. Four weeks in the South of France and we didn’t bump into each other once! Well, there’s always next year 🙂

    And I can’t get over the gorgeous lips on your little girl. What a pout! Even with chicken pox!

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