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Stockholm always has a soothing effect on me. Surrounded by clean water and crisp air, decorated with beautiful buildings and healthy looking people who smile at you with their big, straight white teeth, beach blond hair waving in the wind – Sweden is reliably fulfilling its clichés.

Sweden gives me an instant holiday feeling. And it pleasantly reminds on the very beginnings of Big M’s and my relationship, when he was still living in the city on the waterfront. Fortunately, one of my best friends is still living there, giving me the best reason to go back again and again.

Of course, the heatwave found its sudden end when I arrived late last Friday, and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees within one day.

We spent Saturday rummaging around the boutiques on Östermalm, walking up the little hill, passing the delicatessen food market Östermalmshallen (where I once naïvely bought the world’s most expensive raspberries for about £ 20 the kilo) and finally settling down on the canopied terrace at Lisapåtorget for some Champagne and skagentoast.

If you want to buy a bottle of wine in Sweden, you need to look for a Systembolaget – the only store that has the license to sell alcohol, as long as you are 20 years old or older. When I handed Julie a bottle of bubbly and some money, the cashier sent us a warning look and asked for both our ids. There must be something in the water…

The Flip Flopper on the steamboathouse

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in time to my favourite bakery, Riddarbageriet, for one or two if their delightful cinnamon buns. When the drizzle slowly turned into a raging torrent of rain, we made our way back to the island where Julie and the Flip Flopper live.

Getting to work in the city takes Julie 30 minutes. She walks the little path down to the water, takes a few steps on the pontoon and jumps onto her boat. Crossing the water from the island to mainland takes about seven minutes. There are no cars on the island, but there is a tiny bus ferry that crosses a few times per day, if you don’t own a boat. I am amazed how easily she manages the logistics, but surprisingly, my friend Julie, the girl that grew up in Berlin and detested Munich for being too quiet, doesn’t seem to be bothered by being cut off at all.

It’s not hard to see why she fell in love with the island. We went for a walk and she showed me around, starting at their house with the steamboat-like chimney, passing gigantic strawberry plants, strolling down to the water where a houseboat accommodates the island’s dagis (nursery). All the while tiny baby toads hopped in front our feet over the wet grass.

It looks like Julie has found a place that is 100% her. Long may it last!


  1. That looks simply lovely! I would love to go to Sweden one day. Can you imagine getting in your boat to travel to work? What a great life!

  2. that weekend sounds so nice and relaxing…and how cool that they live on an island and take a boat in!!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time. I have a special affection for Stockholm as well. great city, even when it’s winter int he middle of summer:) x LZ

  4. Hey you!

    Lovely to hear from you today, hope you are okay?

    Stockholm sounds FAB, definitely a city I would love to visit, have fun! xo

  5. Big M says

    Great photos! The rest of the family is happy to have you back in marry old England though!

  6. Julia says

    Meine Wenigkeit däremot thinks its time for the rest of the family to come over asap and sit on the guesthouse terrace with a lollipop. Each.

  7. It looks lovely – I really like their house. And their way of life. I could so do that.

    But then again I couldn’t.

    One day, maybe.

    Glad you had a lovely time.

  8. It sound a great weekend.
    I love Stockholm too, I have to say I really like the Scandinavian countries.

  9. It looks like you had a great time and their house looks amazing!!! x

  10. Ah. That was like a holiday by proxy for me. Thanks!

    I can see how a lovely island with boat rides to the mainland would be considered better than Munich. Better really genuinely quiet rather than the wrong kind of quiet.

  11. Blimey sounds like a lovely Island. I live on an Island but we have to go over a massive bridge to get on and off, so high it gives me vertigo and I close my eyes when we are at the top, I hate it. Glad I don’t drive, I wouldn’t drive off thats for sure. As for a boat, no way, I can’t swim either!

  12. hello my jetting setting blogging pal, who often makes me go green whilst reading here.

    I love stockholm – amazing place. but all the v tall, beautiful, blonde women was a little offputting for lfat, mousey brown me.

  13. fat, not lfat, because that’s not a word.

    ps did you get my DMs on twitter, sorry about the late response, i honestly find twitter really mind boggling.

  14. Bonus prize for spelling all those endlessly long Swedish words! Just read that the Swedish tourism board is starting some “spot the troll ” campaign.. did you see any?

  15. I loved Sweden when we visited last year for summer vacation. Sadly I didn’t get to Stockholm. Sounds like the kind of place I’d love for a girls weekend away or a little break for the Huzz and I. How lovely to get in your own boat to go to work. Much nicer than the crush on the tube!

  16. I’ve never been to Stockholm but I love Norway and Copenhagen too – there’s something so clean and fresh about Scandinavia.

  17. Ive not been to Sweden, but I love Denmark. Its the one country I would more than happily move to… Sounds like fun xx

  18. I so need to get back to Sweden. It has been way to long. Truely one of the most beautiful place on this planet. Glad you had a lovely time.

  19. What an amazing way to get to work. One of my best ever assignments was writing about the Swedish archipelago with my husband as the photographer. We loved the wilderness aspect and jumping from a sauna into the freezing Baltic sea!

  20. Oh, I love this post! We’re hoping to visit friends in Sweden in a month or so, just south of Stockholm… I’m very excited…

  21. I want a holiday in their life! I adored Stockhom when I went and will definitely go back- the toast skargen, the Princess torte, the medieval part of town. It’s so hip and the archipelago (if that’s spelt correctly) was stunning.

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