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About the book. Or: being high and low

I think I have never been as ecstatically excited and terribly terrified about one thing at the same time. “Project Book” is moving along rather nicely. Characters in place, plot divided into 30 chapters; set up, major disasters and ending defined. It should take me less than a day to finalise the outlining process and then, ladies and gentlemen, the actual writing shall begin. And this is where the confidence slowly makes for the back door.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolute love writing, I am thrilled and completely euphoric about the thought of writing a book. I am more than happy to fill every available minute with either reading for research purposes or hacking frantically onto that old Mac of mine. Ok, not every minute, I am still being bossed around by Mr. Cottonsocks on Thursday mornings. Nobody has to actually SEE that I spend most of my time sitting on my bum.

Saggy bottoms apart, my free time is firmly subscribed to the book. And so far, I found it surprisingly easy. I am happy with my characters, I am happy with the story, but the writing… What if my writing turns out to be so bad that the story becomes irrelevant? What if people laugh at me and about the story? What if they laugh about the bits that are not meant to be funny and frown upon the parts where I was hoping to have them giggle at least?

Funnily enough, the absolute worst thing that could happen wouldn’t be not to find a publisher. The worst thing would be to find a publisher who publishes a book he/she is not 100% convinced about. A book that people start reading and can’t bear to finish. I have been there. I have put books away or ‘unfortunately’ lost them on the train.

Like many first novels, parts of mine are autobiographical. Getting the novel published would mean it was out there. Of course, having a blog is putting me out there already. But not in a way the novel would. For example, I am not writing about my sex life here. (Considering my recent blog stats, that might not be the worst idea.)

The thing is, the heroine in the book is not me, but there are a few traits we share. How would people differentiate between her and the real me? Can I let her go a bit overboard without all my friends thinking ‘Met Mum is such a slut’?

I know what you are about to say: cross that bridge when you get there. And don’t worry (or maybe do?), published or not, I am going to write it anyway. It’s at times making my stomach churn and my head spin, but I can’t help it. It’s something I just have to do.


  1. That’s all part of the excitement, isn’t it? Just imagine you didn’t feel anxious, where would be the fun in it?

  2. I am just still in awe of anyone who has a) the ideas and b) the tenacity required to write a novel. You’re already a good part of the way there by the sound of it. Don’t let your doubts hold you back – I know it will be fantastic!

  3. I am so excited that you’re writing a book, that is so cool! Maybe you will be my 6 degrees of separation to someone famous?! But really, there will be people who won’t like it – but the most important part is whether or not YOU like it. You’ve already sold a copy though! 🙂

  4. Sounds exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time. But thats what probably makes us to things like this – nervous excitement is the best kind! Think first dates…

  5. James says

    I don’t think most readers will think of someone who uses her own experiences as a guide for her writings as a “slut”. Rather they will enjoy your adventures for what they are, life.

  6. Big M says

    Very sweet drawing of a frustrated MM, love the wallpaper and I guess that is 1.30am….
    The book will be great!

  7. Oh I know these worries so well. You sound like you’re making fantastic progress already. You’ve worked out your story arc and your 30 chapters and plot lines – that’s brilliant.

    Yes it will be out there but no-one will really know which parts are you, which parts aren’t, which characters are based on which people. I’m finding everything is becoming a bit amalgamated – some characters are composites of friends with different traits taken from each, some are quite obviously (to me anyway) recognisable.

    I can’t wait to read it! It’s going to be brilliant I’m sure of that.

  8. I wouldn’t worry about people interpreting parts differently to you, that’s just human nature and life. And on the cross over, you’re writing a novel not a biography so I for one would not assume the characters to be a reflection of you. Plus based on your blog I’ll be buying one.

    Anyhow, what I really wanted to say was it’s amazing how far you’ve got and good luck for the writing, I’m sure it’ll go swimmingly well and this will be the first of many books from your fair hands!

  9. Hi MM,

    I’m on a mission to leave a message on every blog on the web. Yes I am a bit board.

    Good luck with Project Book. Just go for it!

    TL x

  10. I’m writing a book too.

    I agonize over these things- How many recreational drugs can she do without me embarassing my husband?

    I am waiting for school to start before I get do these issues next.

    I know I have said this before but I’m super glad to have found you and your blog.

  11. I am very much looking forward to this day it is published and I can go pick up a copy at the bookstore!

    I think the fact you are already so far along is amazing — an outline and solid plot line?! And of course, no doubts about your writing either. x

  12. Ångest.
    Is what this is in Swedish. The only thing that tends to help is sharing a bottle of ’93 champagne with an abettor, hugs and a verbatim translation of french luxury copy.

  13. “Ah, sweet angst, you drive the creative to create and the divine to question.”

    I think I just made that up, but it sounds good anyway!


    PS – I loved your comment on my blog today… the main priority in your house sale being to find your classy envelopes a home. It worries me, but I really get that!

  14. I was going to say what you already have said – don’t worry about find a publisher yet, cross that bridge when you come to it. As for the writing side, I’d say just get some words down on paper and don’t worry about it too much. If you have words on the page you have words to re-write and edit, or throw away and start again, but if you don’t write, you have nothing to play with. So go for it. And let us all know how you get on. x

  15. There has only been one book I never finished. I am sure your book will be fantastic. Good luck! You can do it!

  16. A humdrum mum says

    I have only ditched a handful of books and I read every night (even when drunk) and I am 40 next year – lotta books. Anyway you sound beefy organized and you’ve committed by telling us so go for it!! -HMx

  17. Really Good Luck. You really can’t afford to be thinking about how people will react. What I mean is don’t censor yourself. x

  18. don’t worry, that is the fun part. Just sit down and start with what they would do and the dialog etc will come naturally.

  19. I’m really excited to go along this journey with you. Hope you share loads of tidbits of your process x

  20. Well I admire you for even planning so far! I am constantly meant to be starting and instead faffing around writing short stories!

    I think it’s acknowledged that your first book is autobiographical and you just have to decide how far you want to go. In some ways with all writing I think the key can be to just get some words down and then draft and re draft. Everyone is different though- just don’t end up writing lots of short stories!!

  21. good luck with your writing adventure, it’s quite exciting when it comes so easily, I managed to write an hour long comedy/drama this summer and it’s quite an achievement, even if it is languishing in someone’s bin right now, I have done it and it felt right – I hope you find a publisher x

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