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Bad hair days. Or: a holey summer

Scarves + leaves = August in London

I am loathing August in London. I always did. Firstly, whilst the rest of Europe enjoys the peak of summer in skimpy dresses and open toe sandals, I usually catch a cold as I desperately hang on to wearing my only recently acquired summer wardrobe. Thanks to London’s August being what would be classified as deepest autumn anywhere South of Calais, I’d be better advised to wrap summer scarves around my neck and cashmere cardigans around my shoulders. In August!

Little L is the only one who thinks that’s funny

Secondly, nobody is here. I am dying to kick start a few projects, get going and finally leave that bizarre state of summer hibernation. But nobody is available to meet. ‘Get back to me in September.’ ‘Call me after the school holidays.’ ‘I won’t be in town for the next three weeks.’ The same applies to our babysitter, who fled to Sweden for an extended vacation (I AM NOT jealous) and is thus not on hand to look after little L whilst I carve out my ingenious plans.

Sod the bikini diet. Lemon tarte for everyone!

Thirdly, I can hardly walk from my house to the supermarket without being stopped three times on my way to be asked ‘Where is zee Angle/Spitalfields Market/zee Buckin’am Palace?’ by a completely lost tourist. Empty and quiet city in August? Pah! The only cure to my pain lies in the sugary product Carluccio’s has on display. Who needs a bikini body anyway?

Bad hair on end.

I feel like having a bad hair day that seems to have started the day I came back from France. A very long, six-weeks-lasting bad hair day. And there is no end in sight.

But it’s not only London that is deserted. My RSS reader is drying up, too – apart from a few diehard (= equally addicted) bloggers, everybody seems to be off the radar. Sommerloch*, as the Germans would call it.

London in August is like sitting in a hole. Sporting very bad hair.

*Sommerloch (literally: summer hole) is the time of year that sees the relevant news disappear into the Silly Season.


  1. Oh, God, tell me about it. The amount of times I’ve looked out of the window this and last month and seen raindrops falling at 100mph on repeat. I just want to be able to go to the beach without having to check the weather forecast every 5 minutes. xx

  2. Oh dear…I’m writing this from an island between Finland and Sweden where I’m on an extended holiday. Sorry…xx

  3. I am sick of the summer weather, although I am posting it is less. But not much less. I think it would be hard for you not to look glamerous if you were wearing a sack!

  4. Commiserations. August in London IS miserable – either cold and depressing or so hot that it’s unbearable because no-0ne has air con and the tube is a furnace. The only consolation is lack of traffic and empty plagrounds!

  5. The weather has been rubbish so far in August that’s true!! We just got back from holiday and I’m with you on everything being quiet!! I have 2 weeks at work to look forward to now but then we are off again….thank goodness!!! Another 3 or 4 weeks and everything will be back to normal…..then we’ll all be moaning about Winter 😉

  6. Those cakes look yummy! Adorable pics of little L too. One more week for me and then we’re off to France on holiday, can’t wait – you’re right, it’s so quiet here at the moment! Helen

  7. I like your sense of humor or I would say a lack of it in these days.
    I’m returning to London in a week, but where we live its famous place only two weeks per year,so we are safe for now.

  8. Hm, it’s nice and summery and all happening in Scotland. What is wrong with London?

    On a different note, why does your retweet counter show almost 4000? I’m intrigued.

  9. bugger if i’d known you were lonely i’d have given you a bell – i was in london last week staying in a hotel in knightbridge no less – I was the only non-Arab in the hotel. I found London to be hot, filthy sweaty and generally vile – that is apart from Knightsbridge. Alas I would only be able to afford a broom cupboard if i were to live there

  10. Imagine august in wales in a tent with two small children on a notoriously windy campsite…. london might not seem so bad?!! Will check in soon xx

  11. Sommerloch in Belgium is called “komkommertijd” – cucumber time.

  12. Oh my gosh, I am right there with you – apart from the temperatures outside, that is. I am positively MELTING over here in New York. Cooler breezes would put me in a much better mood all around. 😉 But yeah… I too am a bit tired of the touristy questions (no offense to them!) and the perpetual bad hair that the end of summer seems to bring. Argh!

  13. Oh I remember August’s in London! It’s the same here in Berlin though. I had a funny conversation with a friend the other day as he was telling the tale of trying to see a doctor to get written off work whilst sick last week but he had to cart himself round Berlin to actually find one which was open in August! He spent 5 hours in total! Nightmare.

  14. It’s true actually London isn’t quieter it just has different people in it- I was enraged trying to walk to get a bus last night. I am very happy that people come and visit London and know how important tourists are but why do they have to always be in the way!

  15. Tell the tourists to sod off! Ha Ha! that would drive me nuts keep being asked directions! Just make the most of the quiet, come September we will all be rushing around buying Xmas pressies!

  16. I HATE London summers. I remember wearing jerseys too..what a nightmare. Actually, I can’t really remember when the weather was good in London.. it sort of came in fits and starts. Can’t skip off to Frogland for a little longer to “ease into things”? I’m sure M would love that..not

  17. James says

    Miss L is a doll. Hope you have some summer fun before it ends.

  18. Sorry your August has not been very, well, august. 🙂

    I can totally relate to the bad hair days. August in Kentucky is unbearable at times – the heat & humidity just wreak havoc on your hair, your sinuses, etc. And, everyone is trying to fit in the final days of vacation before school begins. Hope your days improve and more enjoyable days come along!

  19. Honey, you have NO idea what summer heat is about! I’m in Texas and it is Satan’s Furnace here! Please send icy cold , European refreshments, stat!

  20. Hey, I’d love to meet you too. I will let you know when we have settleing down a bit. Let’s go for a coffee for sure . The little ones could join us as well.

  21. It’s bad hair month in Dorset – am putting my hairdresser visit off until after I’ve fried it in Spain next week! And lemon tart… or any kind of cake in fact… yes please!! xx

  22. As I live right outside DC, where it’s still 100 degrees and overwhelming muggy, I envy your entry into fall’s cool embrace.

    Though I’m sure I’ll miss the sun once it goes!

  23. This post made me laugh.
    I hope you enjoyed your lemon treat. I also gave up the bikini diet although my plan was to stop drinking margaritas everyday (who KNEW!?)-
    Your little one is so cute.
    Nice to ‘meet’ you.

  24. The rain sucks but it is a good excuse to start wearing your winter wardrobe. I am wearing a light-weight cashmere scarf every day – it doubles comfort blanket for my one-year old x

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