Feeling ratherish in the tail department

If the airplane machine head flies heading up excessively, please ratherish get down the airplan tail department press. If the airplane flies the opportune moment head gets down to wash, please ratherish heading up the airplane tail department lift.

Must drink less. Must drink less. Must drink less.


  1. Big M says

    That was surely one of the more peculiar wedding presents ….. and we still do not know how to use it!

  2. Ha ha ha! These are hysterical. Do you have the airplane machine or just the postcards?

  3. Last night I saw a sign in a bar in HK that said “It’s forbidden to give intoxicated liquors to minors under 18” ..? Probably the same gifted copywriter as your airplane machine..

  4. At first I didn’t look at the photo closely and was reading the text, thinking “Does this make sense in British English?” – then I realized what was going on!

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