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Things to love about Islington: little, leafy hideaways

No matter how much I adore living in the city, sometimes I am craving a little peace and quiet with little more to listen to than the wind rustling through the trees. When bright lights and big smoke get a bit too much altogether, there is one little garden square I regularly seek out to have a seat on a bench and let my mind wander.

Lonsdale Square is only a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of Upper Street. But yet it feels like a world away.

It’s dog free (sorry, not too keen on scraping off pooh from the pushchair’s wheels), and the flowerbeds accommodate blossoming roses up until October.

There are only three small gates to access the garden square. Once they are shut, little L can have a little wander-around all on her own, whilst I just sit and stare. Blissful!

Where is your favourite hiding place?


  1. I love Lonsdale square! We also have a great little escape just down from there off of Duncan Terrace – behind Angel station. A beautiful little garden (dog friendly, but only friendly dogs frequent this haunt).

  2. Sounds great! There is a park about 10 minutes away from where I live, and although there is a main road in front of the gates, it’s still peaceful, as you can go deeper and deeper into the park, where the sound of cars floods out. It’s lovely to go for a little walk and look at everything, we all love going there 🙂 x

  3. Lonsdale Square is lovely. I do hope you live there. I was only looking at the houses for sale on the web in Lonsdale Square earlier this week.
    I did not know the square was open … i shall wander there at some point.
    I do love the river walk in canonbury – I’m up in stokey xx

  4. Lonsdale Square is gorgeous, a real hideaway. Another of my favourite places is Rosemary Gardens which always seems so peaceful (unless the youth football teams are practising).

  5. I used to love London’s little hidden squares and parks. The Royal Hospital in Chelsea has a lovely garden – worth a trip.

  6. I love finding little hideaways, Vancouver seems to be full of them. Little corners full of fountains and gardens, it’s gorgeous. When I finally make it to London I will have to find some hideaways there as well!

    I don’t have an agent either, I know a girl who found an agent by submitting chapters (before the work was complete) and pitching her idea. The agent is helping her finish the book (motivation, etc), and once the book is finished the agent will pitch it to the publishers.

  7. We have a really coold walking trail that runs through my city, so when I need a little peace or time to think I head there.

  8. when I lived in London I spent most of my time in Regents Park – what an oasis of calm away from the stink of Baker Street

  9. Love these kind of spots. I will have to remember this square next time I pick up a burrito from Chilango. I’m sure my kids would much prefer playing outside than being stuck in a seat, forced to eat tex-mex food!

  10. I agree, Lonsdale is lovely. My little bit of heaven (with a toddler) is Coram’s Fields in Russel Square. Alone, I like a long trek round Hampstead Heath.

  11. I’ve traipsed up and down Upper Street a hundred times and I don’t think I’ve ever been there. I used to sit round the back of Grosvenor Square I think it was in Mayfair. And Barnes Common has lots of lovely nooks.

  12. I think mine is in New York:) I still havent found my little paradise hideaway in London…btw, she is so sweet! x LZ

  13. Tran used to have a hideaway behind his house on Warwick avenue. I don’t have a favorite place to go to. Funny that.

  14. That looks delightful. My upstairs study is the nearest I have to a hideaway but one day I’d hope to something similar to Lonsdale Square.

  15. aw it sounds so nice. my fave is probably my little village of buochs 🙂 and i’m so behind so i just read your comment on about missing rivella! let me know if you ever want me to send you anything 🙂

  16. A humdrum mum says

    I am moving house (and keep mentioning it in every comment and post) and I may do a similar post of my new surroundings. Really nice pictures and commentary. Good post -HMx

  17. Lovely photos-
    Hope all is well and that your book is comming along well!

    All the best.

  18. it’s quite a big hiding place but I like Hanover Square Gardens- and I love Green Park too- enormous though it is!

    I walked through a lovely garden in Islington on Sunday too- but it wasn’t Lonsdale I don’t think- it was towards Colebrook Row and had gorgeous bird boxes! we all remarked on how nice it was but I am not good with road names around there!

  19. hmmmm, there’s a bit of lack of those south of the river. that said, the tate modern has an amazing secret garden. but you have to live within walking distance to get the magic word to let you in!

  20. I found this new coffee lounge in upper street. Its spacious (more spacious than it looks from the outside) relaxing and does this super fruit tea that is to die for. They also have children’s books so when Bella is older, i’ll read them to her.

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