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Have your shoes and eat them: Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkeley Hotel

Fashion week is over and done, the wind is ripping the yellow leaves off the trees and a hot tea all of a sudden sounds much more tempting than ice-cold Pimm’s and lemonade. Time to loosen that tiny, waist-cinching belt and treat yourself to the ultimate fashionista’s delicacy: Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkeley Hotel.

I had wanted to go for ages, but never managed to get a reservation. The famous, designer inspired afternoon tea is regularly booked out – especially when you intend to drag your better half to this rather girlie event and want to make a reservation on a weekend.

The more pleased I was when the lovely Rose took heart (and half a day off, bless her!) to accompany me to indulge in the luxury of afternoon tea at the Berkeley. We nibbled at a Belted Jason Wu cocktail dress, spooned Erdem’s dark silky chocolate cake with passion fruit and delicate lace and only slightly hesitated before we dug our teeth into Yves Saint Laurent’s soft romantic white chocolate mousse and raspberry custard with crunchy meringue and mini strawberries.

A mouth-watering selection of miniature savoury skewers, taster spoons and tea sandwiches came along with the designer inspired delights. But the most delightful accompaniment of the afternoon was the company of Rose. She has been one of my favourite bloggers for a long while and I have been giddy with excitement to meet her. And what can I say? She is great! The hours have been flying by (and so have the sugar cubes as I was too clumsy to use the posh pincers) as we chatted and laughed and chatted and laughed even more.

When the drizzly rain crept underneath my umbrella and wetted my face on my way home, I swung my mint green doggie-bag and smiled at myself. I love London.


  1. Wow! Looks fabulous 🙂 Love the dress and shoes – are they cookies? I’m obsessed with cookie decorating at the moment. I wonder if I can squeeze in Pret a Portea before the baby arrives in 4 weeks…

  2. Oh my gosh, I want to come along with you next time! Is it strange that I love London, and yet have never been? 🙂

  3. I love ‘high tea’- the best place in my town (most towns I would assume) is the Ritz- I hosted a fantastic baby shower for a friend there last year.

    I love the MuiMui clog cookie-

  4. Love it ! I’m planning to go there, I have read it about on many magazines here and abroad. It’s great to know that its worth it.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day out for the girl in you. What was in the doggie-bag though? Does that mean you actually left some goodies untouched??

  6. Yay! So glad you got to go! I’ve always wanted to try it out since you recommended it. Sounds like you and Rose ahd a lovely Sunday! The doggies bag is so cute xxx LZ

  7. I had such a lovely time meeting you for tea! And I agree I was swinging my handbag all the way up Piccadily thinking how great London is and how nice it is to meet new friends x

  8. Now that sounds like pure heaven – cakes in the shape of designer goodies. I’m not sure I could contain myself! And I have a fab image of you walking home in the London rain, all Audrey Hepburn, swinging your goody bag! Can I just say huge congrats as to your news that you just left on my blog- so thrilled for you – you so deserve it! Let me know the details when you can so I can read it. Lots of Love xx p.s When go to celebrate our good fortunes, we need to go somewhere equally chic! xx

  9. Insanely jealous of your cake event especially ‘Yves Saint Laurent’s soft romantic white chocolate mousse and raspberry custard with crunchy meringue and mini strawberries’ …. I will go and tighten my mini belt and try to think no more of such provocative and arousing thoughts.

  10. That looks yummmmeeee

    I shall be trying to book myself a place
    (once I’ve done the necessary degree in connecting the correct designer bag/shoe/belt to which designer)

  11. What a lovely and indulgent day out! How long is the waiting list? As I am a few hours away from London, I might add this to my ‘to do list’ as things to do – fashion tea party with friends.

  12. Lady, I absolutely LOVED London and want to live there so much. There was just so much to see and do…we needed so much more time!!! Our schedule was PACKED. We did get to have an afternoon tea but I don’t think it was at the best place. i didn’t even get the name, it was such whirlwind. But next time I need to try this pimm’s thing…I didn’t do it!

  13. I hope me and my hubby could get a reservation, very soon!
    The cookies looks fantastic, i’m envious.

  14. I am so jealous, it sounds like such a fab time! I doubt there’s anything has fabulous as that in Vancouver, of all places! I cannot wait to get to London one of these days!

  15. So delightfully silly! And a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the clothes 😉 xxx

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