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I am a woman of principle. And Halloween is just another evil invention of the industrialized world that exploits our young children to get us to spend more money on things we don’t need.

Also, little L is way too young to get her face painted.

Or to play around with makeup.

Let alone have a costume.

Did I mention I was a woman of principle…?


  1. Dark creatures will certainly not dare to come near her in that outfit 🙂
    Angel L.

  2. Your hair is so long! She is a scary lil creature that Lil L. Nothing wrong with a bit of dress up with your lil one. I say , she’s going to be a very fashionable lady!

  3. I love the third picture, she looks so concentrated in her make up 🙂 My son’s wearing a devil’s costume today, apparently, we can’t possibly say no to any fiesta 🙂

  4. I think that Halloween is a great exercise in creativity for children- I think Valentines day is an evil commercial holiday- Pls: a card! Chocolates, Candy, stuffed bears- bollocks!

    (did I use /spell bollocks correctly?!)

  5. Oh what SWEET pix…and how lovely she looks. My lot just wear black for halloween these days…last year I did the same myself, and felt liberated by doing so. Maybe I am a closet Goth.

  6. A good thing you don’t live in the States then…or perhaps you’d fit right in?

    Little L is a real beauty, by the way.

  7. the little sister says

    Funny thing, her costume is basically the same as the one I’m gonna wear to the Halloween-Party sunday night 😉

  8. My husband is German born in a little town outside of Frankfurt. He moved here for school in his late 20’s and met me, so he didn’t go back. I remember you wrote a post about your grandmother being in a elderly care home in Germany. Did you grow yo there or is one of your parents German. My two oldest are fluent. Now we are working on the little one.

  9. I’m sure the retailers are all laughing their way to the bank as Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger over here. Still, being American I’ve been hooked on spooky hysteria from an early age and will be dressing my little one as a witch this year. I am holding back from trick-or-treating though 🙂

  10. Me too – definitely a woman of principle. Principles-schminciples! I just can’t help it when it comes to occasions such as this since having a daughter. Oh well.. so long as its not just me. And OMG Little L has grown and is SO beautiful! xxx

  11. I was a woman of principle until I had my own little girl! Ha! How can you resist those sweet little costumes! Halloween is suddenly a lot more fun 🙂

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