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It’s getting bright

Not from Essex

Somewhere I had read about us all moving towards a look that was preliminarily reserved for the porn industry. Fake boobs, fake nails, fake tan – even hair extensions and b(l)each blond hair had initially only been associated with the world of Dirk Diggler.

Since The Only Way is Essex at the latest, we should have all understood that the modern interpretation of glamour has nothing to do with the swinging 20s, tassled cocktail dresses and long, black, satin gloves. The new glamour goes fake, and maybe it is my turn to swap blond for blonder. Or rather: bland for blond.

The lovely Mattias in an attempt to save me

Despite the cold weather, I have been overcome by a sudden and surprising lust for life. A desire to wear heels and dresses, to go out and to get rid of everything mumsy and mousy. So after the recent trip to Selfridges, I looked at my sad looking head on top of my happy looking clothes and decided it was time for a change.

Looking pretty stupid

Of course, Big M was rolling his eyes when I told him about my plan to go brighter. After all, I had complained incessantly about my hair being too blond and chopped it all off in a drastic stroke about three years ago. Funnily, I had felt too old to go that blond.

Ready to rock. Or so.

The lovely Mattias can be found at Fresh Lifestyle Salon & Spa.


  1. Love your outfit in the top pic! And your hair looks great, a lovely blond, natural but bright.

  2. Wit Woo!!! Absolutely gorgeous… I love the shade. It really suits you. So now you must feel a completely brand new woman. Most definitely ready to rock and roll baby! xx

  3. ingrid says

    It is a lovely shade of blonde not too bright and just right for the winter. With all this doom and gloom on the tv etc I think it cheers us up to go brighter. Thats what I did and I’m happy. You look great.

  4. You absolutely suit bright blonde! you look great. I have spent enough to buy a Ferrari (probably) on highlights over my lifetime. Was it worth it? yes every penny

  5. simone says

    You look fabulous….seriously, LOVE your hair 🙂

    I spent some very happy time in Selfridges shoe galleries today! I actually sat in the Louboutin room – saw your shoes too – and just gazed at the beauty surrounding me. Not for too long of course, didn’t want them to think I was a weirdo!!

    It was very lovely there though 🙂

    Enjoy your new hair 🙂

  6. There’s nothing like a brand new set of highlights to lift the spirits. Looks lovely – and that outfit is very cute.

  7. Hot Mama! You look great, love the outfit! Nothing like highlights to make yourself feel a little trendier.

  8. LOVE your hair! I tend to go a little lighter with my hair color when I’m getting the blahs. Always cheers me up a bit. 🙂 Love your wool walking shorts and stockings in the top pic – great outfit!

  9. You look FAB – I applaud that feeling of seizing the day and wearing heels! You go for it. In that final picture you look like Daryl Hannah… now that’s got to be good. Lou x

  10. That looks great – its’ nice to see what you look like in RL (real life). I’ve just been complaining to Husband that we haven’t been out together for ages. You see, I too want to dress up and paint the town red. He pointed out that I’d only just returned from a weekend away with my girlfriends…spoil sport!

    Helena xx

    PS. Meant to say it’s a really nice colour, not too blonde.

  11. Looking good! Don’t you find that having your hair styled, coloured, cut etc really gives you a lift. I had a long overdue trim last week before my trip to AMS and came out the salon feeling like a new woman!

  12. You look so glamorous and such lovely hair. About a million miles away from how I feel at the moment… picks the dried lasagne off some very scuzzy jeans…

  13. James says

    You are a lovely young lady, so is your little shadow in the first picture!

  14. A humdrum mum says

    Your hair looks fab. I’m having mine “helped” on Monday can’t wait. The only “too blonde” is Pat Butcher. No offence to Pat -HMx

  15. I love it! I too have lately felt a resurgance of feeling a little more posh lately. More heels. More dress up. More hair done. It feels great 🙂

  16. You’re gorgeous! Good hair, obviously – but I would kill for those legs!

  17. Hi MM. You asked about vacations on the Florida Gulf Coast. Yes, we’ve rented houses right on the beach the past few years – Indian Rocks / Indian Shores. We also love Anna Maria Island and Sanibel and Captiva islands too. Complete getaways. So worth the trip for the wonderful beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Not sure what the weather would be like in Feb thought – we always go in May when it is fab.

  18. Wardrobe, hair… what next?

    Have just posted about your Bayerische Creme, by the way.

  19. First things first: Wow! You look amazing in this new shade!
    Second: Did Big M say “fabulous”????!!! It’s a new dawn and a new day for everybody!!!!

    You look even more like Little L this way:) xx LZ

  20. So sorry I thought I’d left a comment to say, Yes it arrived later the amazing bed of nails, arrived later that day after I wrote the blog. Thank you, it’s marvelous. Me and the children have all been on it.

    So lovely,xxxx

  21. Ps, Sorry about terribly bad comment, grammatically incorrect etc. Am rushing. and love the blonde look. stunning

  22. You’re so gorgeous Deborah! I love the look. By the way, thank you for the sweet comments you always leave in my blog. I wish I could be more productive as you.

    Happy Wednesday and Happy Halloween.

  23. Please could you tell me where you got those lovely shorts? I’ve been looking for some but those look perfect because they don’t look too short.


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