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The very lovely Liz Fraser (I have read all her books and met her in the flash more than once, she really is lovely) has recently written an article about how her sex life has deteriorated with 13 years of motherhood, three kids, work and an ever so increasing pile of laundry. Whilst I do empathise with Liz, I strongly disagree with her statement Sex? Most women would rather have a good sleep.

As we are talking about activities that (usually) happen behind closed doors, it is quite difficult to get a feeling for the average mother’s views on this delicate topic. Is Liz really right? Do mothers favour a good cuddle over a quickie at naptime? Am I alone in wanting a good sex life?

Usually, I would put my views into writing and upload them on this very blog. This time however, I am going to take emotional striptease to a whole new level: I will join a discussion on a national TV show.

Please, pretty please, back me up (read: comment) with some very good arguments why kids do not necessarily mean saying farewell to getting steamy in between the sheets.

The Vanessa Show will air next Wednesday, 23rd of March, 2:15pm, Channel 5.

PS: I know, what was I thinking?!


  1. Oh won’t miss it for anything in the world! remember edging on your side and leaning forward, false eye lashes, avoid black or red, wear lipstick, remember to breathe and don’t forget to talk! 😉 you will be fab, now that’s WAY above vlogging girl!

    Hope your nan is good x

  2. Oh my goodness….you are so brave!! I’d rather not discuss it on TV but I think that having a healthy sex life is vital!!! In fact I think I might go mad if I only had sleep and not sex 😉

  3. Home Office Mum says

    omg! Go you. But sadly I’m with liz on this one

  4. No kids (yet) but I damn sure hope my sex life is good after kids. Otherwise I imagine I might be one mean assed mother!

    Good luck on the TV, that is so exciting! Wish I could watch it but alas not this time. Next time hopefully 😉

  5. Wow, can’t wait to see you (can I get the show over here, I wonder?)

    I think the answer is a week-end away. Or even a night away. And then to make a concerted effort to have lots of early nights beforehand, so that you go off full of energy, and don’t just want to crash when you get away.

  6. OMG, I’m going to set my tv to record the show! And don’t ask me about sex, I’m a born again virgin.

  7. Wow well done, I shall be tuning in that day. Sadly I’m with Liz on this one if we are talking end of the day and being exhausted!! However I’m an at home mum and thankfully my hubby does shiftwork so we have days to ourselves on occasion without kids ( and not exhausted)….bliss!

  8. Wouldn’t miss it for the world … and I’m with you. All in good measures though, meaning I do need my sleep too 😉

  9. you’re going on TV?????? to talk about sex??????? you had padded walls in your bedroom?????? This promises to be interesting. Please record it! xx

  10. You are a brave brave woman. Its all relative – if I’ve had no sleep then sleep is top of my list of priorities, but having had some sleep… well…

  11. My friend, that article is in the Daily Hate Mail which is predisposed towards a certain stereotype of women being perpetuated.

    There are some women, and I’m sure some men, who feel that way and some who don’t. Life is like that, we’re not all the same and don’t neatly fit a stereotype. We don’t all feel the same all of the time. While there are times I’ll be sending my husband rude texts about what we’ll do when I get home from the PTA meeting there are others when we’ll fall into an exhausted dreamless sleep. Nothing fits neatly in a box no matter what the media would like.

    Good luck! x

  12. Lumme, you are so brave and I’ll definitely watch. I do wish me and hubby swung from the chandeliers more but we are both just. So. Tired. Lovely to meet you last week btw x

  13. simone says

    Just set myself an alarm to remind myself to watch you!!! Can’t wait 🙂

    Wish I could say otherwise but I’m with Liz on this one…..!!

  14. Is it greedy to say yes to both? Great sex, followed by an interrupted night of sleep – no ‘mama’ in the middle of the night. No Huzz snoring. No early morning wake up from the kiddos. Add a lovely hotel room, with crispy white bedlinen and thats just perfect. Sadly all the above rarely happen on one evening!

  15. Oooh! I wish I had channel 5! You will be great!

    I completely agree with you. While the logistics may make it more difficult at times, I still want good sex and lots of it. I agree with the necessity of the odd weekend away. That certainly helps…

  16. Wow! You are one brave mama (and you didn’t mention it!), good luck I’m sure you’ll ace it. I’ve got a draft post on this very topic that I’ve been meaning to flesh out (fnar fnar) for a while. Thanks for the re-inspiration 🙂

  17. You go girl! Glad I caught this. I think it is all about priorities…if you keep sex up there on your list, you’ll make time for it where if you let it fall off, it will. Sure, there are times when I’ll be tired and fancy sleep but for me also it’s important to keep my sex live alive!

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