On video blogging, ambulances and smoking in restaurants

Last Friday started rather pleasantly with a morning spent at Home House, a video training amongst a bunch of my favourite bloggers and a new camera to put some icing on the cake (thanks Susanna & Jen, you are awesome!). Unfortunately, I had to leave early to catch a flight to Dusseldorf, where my grandma lives in a care home.

I did catch the flight. But that was about the only thing that went as planned.

Oh, and btw, editing videos really is a pain.


  1. Well I am very impressed with the video blogging- especially at who knows what time at night!

    I really hope the rest of the weekend was calmer. I have a secret thing for European pharmacies and often forget toiletries on purpose so I can go and explore them.

  2. What a crazy evening! Topped off with the smell of smoke-how lovely. So fun to put a voice to the blog.

  3. Julia says

    Hmmm my dear… I remember predictions about chaos in Duesseldorf on the 19th- quite accurate, given the time difference 🙂

  4. I had the same reaction as notSupermum! You have a lovely accent 🙂 You would never tell from all your beautifully-written blogs that English isn’t your first language. I hope your Grandma’s doing well

  5. Gorgeous and funny…I think I want to strangle you [Heidi Klum eat your heart out!]

  6. loved the vlog! that getting on the train and going in the wrong direction thing is so so annoying – i have done it many at time!
    hope the weekend got better xx

  7. You’re cute! And I didn’t expect the accent either. Just lovely to see you.

  8. A star is born! really you are a natural! You should send this off to the telly people, you are 100% better than most people on the screen. Also the cuts make it look very edgy – well done!

  9. You’re so adorable. I think you did a great job with the vlog. I love your posts, they always put a smile on my face. Have a nice day!

  10. oh no what a night! Wish I could have made the vlogging day. Great Vlog x

  11. Ohh gosh, what a night indeed! but you do still look very beautiful, so that is good going. I hope the weekend got much better after that. Mich x

  12. So nice to ‘hear’ you! Lovely voice/accent! That sounds slightly odd but it’s true! Lou x

  13. Lovely to meet you and very impressed to see you did this after everything else you fitted in that day! Good luck with the editing, hope you finish your vid with the car!

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