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The End

So. I just finished writing my novel. I always thought I’d be ecstatic at this point. But I am mainly feeling sick. That must be the shock. Wow. It’s over. And for a change, I am lost for words.


  1. Congratulations!! How exciting! I am sure the sick feeling will pass quickly once you have realized what you have accomplished!
    So…when can we find it in bookstores?????? I will definitely be the first in line!

  2. Michele Gorman says

    Super giant congratulations, that’s a wonderful achievement! A celebration is on the cards I hope! Mx

  3. that’s so exciting!! I think it’s natural to feel shocked- you did it! xx

  4. simone says

    Congratulations, how fantastic!!!! I will be at the book signing for sure 🙂 Now….go and celebrate!! xx

  5. Fabulous! So what next? Have you done the first edit? Looked for an agent? This is just the beginning Met Mum, you’ll have to rename this blog post!

  6. Wow! That’s wonderful. I’m half way through writing a memoir and as a mum I know how hard it is to carve out time to write. So I say that’s so so brilliant. Pat yourself on the back too.

  7. This is big news! Wow. Congrats. A lot of hard work and a lot of coffee I think. Next step publishing. Yay!

  8. Go Girl!! Love the new blog header, congratulations for finishing, and for beginning a new journey into getting it out there! FBxx

  9. Gosh that’s mega impressive. I’m still at the stages of having ideas swirling in my head. So some way to go then. Yay for you!

  10. So proud of you, girl, and you did it whilst still looking after your daughter. You are an inspiration! Let us know what you do next – whether you need to revise/edit it or whether you think you can start querying agents/publishers! 🙂 🙂 (Think of me when you get your book deal) 🙂 🙂

  11. Congratulations, I can’t get started. I have a great (to me anyway) story in my head but, it won’t come out!

  12. Well done – you were fast!
    What’s with the new layout? I like it.
    Yosef? Any changes to 11223? What icing do you use?

  13. Wow, congratulations. Loads of people say they want to write a book but never do. This is such an achievement, would love to know more. (plus when do you find the time to write as well as blog? Am fascinated and impressed!…)

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