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35 days till summer

35 days to go until summer vacation. Not that I’d be counting. But images like the one above make me fantasize of lazy days at the beach, where the only question bugging your mind is whether to have ice cream before or after dipping into the sea. 11 degrees C on an afternoon in June really should be against human rights.

Whilst sitting in my car yesterday (and trying to see threw the curtain of rain and the aggressively swishing wipers on the windscreen), I mentally started packing my bags.

Bikinis. A girl can never have enough bikinis. This year I opted for a pink and a petrol green one, both available at H&M for £3.99 per item.

Havaianas. The new slim line is all my feet could hope for.

Anti-allergic sun protection. This is the only product I have ever used over a longer period without breaking out in spots. Seriously. (Unfortunately, this is not a sponsored post, but if anybody at Institut Esthederm or Space NK feels like feeding my habit, go ahead!)

A hat. Even better against the sun than slapping on the cream! (the one I am wearing in the picture is from Marlene Birger’s SS10 collection, but you could try your luck here.)

Funky nail varnish. A dash of lipgloss. A bit of bronzer. The Paul & Joe limited edition Blue Horizon is to die for – it’s summer feeling in bottles. (Leave a comment until next Tuesday to enter for a little surprise giveaway.)

Easy to wear beach dresses for mummy and baby. I am no fan of swimwear or naked *shudders* chests and bum cheeks in restaurants; even if it’s only the beach café.

Lots and lots of toys for the little one. We always seem to lose more than our fair share in the sand.

Good to go now. Can’t wait.


  1. Big M says

    Ohhh you are bringing all that, I guess 1) toothbrush, 2) deodorant and 3) some swimming trunks will do me. Links would be 1) Boots, 2) Boots and 3) I have no idea had them for ages.

  2. Tssssk. Men! Your Oral B toothbrush is from Amazon, your Biotherm deodorant is not sold at Boots and your swimming trunks are Blanc Bleu, once chosen with great care by your loving wife. Good that at least one person in this household knows how and where to shop 🙂

  3. I am going on holiday tomorrow!! Just for three days, a ‘work’ trip to Ibiza and minus E (I’m a bit wary of taking her out of the country until she’s older incase she falls ill and needs a hospital) but I am SO looking forward to a more temperate climate!

  4. I’m flying off to the sun at the end of the month. I need a sunhat exactly like that one (will hunt round) and those flipflps looks fabulous.

  5. I so agree! I am trying to be really patient with the weather as we had such a wonderful April and we all said ‘maybe this is it?’ not really thinking it actually was! We have one holiday this summer in the UK so will be having to take wellies and ski jackets. But later on we are off to the sun and I am counting down. I need to feel the sun on my skin. Love your recommendations here – all interesting. And that image of you and your Boo where you have the hat on – that is just fabulous. Gorgeous. Lou x

  6. I am still looking for sun protection that doesnt bring me out in spots so will have to try out your recomendation. Have fun

  7. Great post, I hope we get a summer this year! We’re off to our annual holiday in Wales in august so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll need some of these things.

  8. Oh how lovely to have a holiday to look forward to

    The main downside of our decision to holiday in the UK this year is the worry that we won’t get any sun

  9. I love the picture of you and your daughter, and I want that hat, ha, ha
    Can you believe it’s been raining in June in Barcelona?!
    What happened with your book? Have a nice weekend!

  10. I have been travelling in US and France for the last 40 days with some stops in London. Im looking forward for a weekend at home.
    Enjoy your holidays !

  11. Lucky Big M, MM and Little L! The countdown is so crucial to waking up every am. Love the summer recos. Especially the glittery varnishes! Thanks ever-so-styley MM! x LZ

  12. Great choices to pack. Love the countdown to vacations. My 2 weeks in Florida in May was a great start to an early summer, and we’ve done pretty well here in NL so far with our sunshine. Hoping it lasts for a couple more months so all my new summer wardrobe will get a got showing off !

  13. Lucky you! Our summer holiday is not until…September. I think a last minute long weekend in the sun might be calling though.

    When I last went to Italy I didn’t bring enough underwear -how ridiculous with all that I did pack – and the only available options for me to buy near where we were staying were some expensive D&G ones – so don’t neglect your smalls!

  14. gemma says

    Those nail varnishes look ace! Thanks for bringing them to my attention 🙂

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