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Fishy Business: Aqua Sheko Fish Spa

After bumblebees up your bum and ants in your pants (thanks, Iota!), we are now moving on to fishes on your feet. In case you have been lucky enough to stroll around Selfridges during Christmas time, you (most likely hot, flushed and staggering like a packhorse under the weight of your shopping) cannot have missed the line of blissfully relaxed-looking customers, seemingly oblivious to the frantic madness around them. You also might have realised that their feet were lowered into square shaped, gently illuminated water tanks filled with little… fish. At this point, you might have shrieked.

I admit I was a tiny bit weary when Aqua Sheko – the company behind the Selfridges pop up shop and also the first London fish spa – invited me to dip my toes into their crystal clear waters. But because I am no chicken when it comes to trying new beauty treatments, I agreed and booked myself in.

When the suction-cup mouths of about 40 little (apparently hungry) fishy fellows mobbed my feet all at once, I squealed out loud. If you are ticklish at all, this is borderline torture. The urge to lift my legs and run was a tough one to resist. I spent the first five minutes trying hard to compose myself (i.e. not slip off the seat, plunge into the tank and/or wee my pants laughing); but after that the bliss set in and the whole thing soon started to resemble a very gentle massage.

The toothless Garra Rufa fish only nibble off dead skin, revealing fresh, healthy and supple skin underneath. My treatment was completed by a heavenly, reflexology-inspired foot massage (by the very human and very lovely therapist Ally), leaving me ready for sandal season. All in all: very recommendable.

Aqua Sheko, Prices start at £17 for hands and £27 for feet, Venues in Kensington and Soho

21 Responses to “Fishy Business: Aqua Sheko Fish Spa”

  1. ingrid

    I had this done here in Ireland. It is a very tickly feeling. Also did the fish jump out of the tank? They did when I had it. It did remove some skin but I’m not sure I would do it again. However I did laugh with my friend the whole way through.

  2. Marta

    I love spas and bubbles but my ticklish feet wouldn’t stand the fish!

  3. Trudi * Fabricated Tales

    I’ve been twice to the branch in Soho (London) and like you squealed for the first 5 minutes but after that became quite attached to my newfound ‘fishy friends’.

  4. Clare

    No way, no way, no way! Too ticklish on my tootsies! I wish I could try though.

  5. simone

    I went once and was quite nervous as I have really ticklish feet! After the first few minutes I totally relaxed and even forgot about the fish….it’s quite a weird experience though isn’t it!! Not sure I’d do it regularly though, the results weren’t spectacular. And I don’t think I’d do it as a manicure!!

    Have a lovely week-end :) xx

  6. EmmaK

    It sounds quite good but my feet are a bit ticklish so I’d probably be rolling around in hysterics.

  7. Jody Brettkelly

    How incredibly cool! I have heard about people doing this in Dubai but didn’t realise you could be tickled into a perfect pedicure right in the centre of London. You look really cute in the photo too! I am totally ticklish so would lose it right there…

  8. Muddling Along

    They’ve just started to offer this in town and I’ve gone a bit ‘ewck’ but if you say it is nice… and they don’t have teeth…

  9. Rosie Scribble

    There’s a shop in Nottingham set up just to offer this. I forget the name. £15 for 15 minutes. I’ve looked at it for a few times but I think I’d run away squealing.

  10. La Cheshire Chat

    Oh WOW! I saw this years ago on telly but the fish were in Italy and it’s just somewhere the locals would go, even immersing their entire bodies……
    I always thought it would be fun to do this, my feet aren’t ticklish.
    OK, NEXT time I’m in London, I am doing this! :D

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty xx

  11. Tracey

    Would you do it again? Does it make you feel at one with nature? One of these has just opened in our Town Centre. I am not sure if I am tempted or not!

  12. priya

    I have mentioned this on my blog post too….Loved to watch my relatives getting tickled…But not for me!! :)

  13. Lady Mama

    What! No! There is no way. There is just no way I could let fish nibble skin off my feet. That is madness. You are brave.

  14. Peggy

    Not sure I can do this, there is something really wrong in having fishes eating your feet…

  15. Duncan Newton

    These treatments are also available for just £10 in both Bexleyheath Broadway Shopping Centre and The Walnuts Shopping Centre in Orpington (both SE London / NW Kent area)

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