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Pointlessly topless

Flipping through one of my favourite magazines, my attention got caught by the above image. I am not a prudish person. Still, I found myself wondering why exactly the model’s breast is exposed.

I don’t mind people going topless at the beach if that’s what makes them happy. I don’t mind a bit of erotic or artsy, semi-nude photography. However, in this case we are talking pseudo-intellectual Swiss magazine annabelle, not Mario Testino for British Vogue.

The magazine’s key target group are ‘Cultivated Swiss women aged 30 and over’, according to their publisher. Apart from being Swiss, I would want to fit into that target group. I just don’t see how these images are supposed to be appealing to me.

The sight of bare breasts doesn’t turn me off – neither does it turn me on. Most likely, I would have found nothing to complain about a naked chest in an editorial for beachwear, lingerie or beauty products. But denim?

Tell me, am I getting oversensitive? Or are naked breasts in fashion editorials just another way of drip-feeding women with the idea of the perfect body?


  1. I don’t think you’re being oversensitive at all, I think it’s just odd to have boobs popping up everywhere. I am sure no magazine would feature a male model’s willy just hanging out for no reason, so why breasts? It’s a very strange trend

  2. Just another way of selling us the myth that there is such a thing as the perfect body and that we don’t have it – but if we bought loads of stuff we don’t need we could be one tiny step closer to it. Bah. As well as objectifying and sexualising women’s bodies yet again.

  3. I agree with you – there are so many images thrown at us everyday of what the fashion/ad world believes a woman should look like. Is this really going to sell denim? Or just drive me to chocolate because I’ll never look like that without the help of a surgeon? (Only kidding, I’m not going under the knife to meet some impossible standard.)

  4. I totally agree. I came across a similar picture on a flight back to Denmark last week. The person before us had left a copy of French Vogue, which my 6 year old was happy to flick through. Sitting in the seat behind, I was so thrilled when she held up a picture of a woman wearing a swimming costume back to front with her breasts exposed for the whole plane to see. I honestly thought, who wants to see that, not only does she look stupid with her swimming costume on the wrong way around, but really, is there any need? (re. the perfect body image thing, never fear, I was certainly not jealous of her fried egg efforts!)…

  5. I agree that this was pointless. Given my experience with the Swiss and their sense of style this would not hit home with them. Maybe woman from Italy, but not the Swiss.

  6. Maybe they’re trying to get rid of their image of being famous for chocolate and cuckoo clocks and nothing else.

    Joking aside, no, I don’t think you’re prudish. I think you have sensibilities about what parts of a woman’s body are appropriate for public viewing and private viewing. That’s pretty normal.

  7. I am all for styling, but me for one am not going to wear a coat without comething on underneath. Maybe it is a new trend and I am a little behind the times, but it doesnt help when trying to teach children what is appropriate and what isnt

  8. Like you say this breast seems to have no point to it in this fashion editorial. But it doesn’t really offend me. It is more like a third wheel on a bicycle. But many fashion spreads are pointless, vaccuous, superficial and nonsensical so it is parr for the course methinks!

  9. I guess its point is to attract the eye which the denim on it’s own probably wouldn’t. It’s wrong on so many levels and not a look you’d want to be displaying as you walked down the street. Love DD’s diary’s comment!

  10. She looks very strange altogether – where are her shoulders? I agree, it seems completely unnecessary, and I can’t believe it would appeal to many readers of the magazine.

  11. Well I tried this look on the school run this morning but STILL all they said was had I put my name down to help at the school fete…

  12. I don’t think you’re being oversensitive. I think I would have thought the same thing as you. I don’t really see much of the point of it. Surely a plain cami under the jacket would have been fine?

  13. That’s just a little bit strange – really no need for it (and it looks to be in the wrong place)

    I think its like the increased attempts to bring stronger swear words into the mainstream, its driven by some media people because nudity, swearing, etc are what they consider normal so they want to push the rest of to believing it normal

    Would be boycotting that publication based on this

  14. Totally agree! It looks just odd, is a cheap ploy and puts me off the brand of whatever they’re showing, frankly.

  15. I was about to get annoyed about this picture but my 4 year old son just asked if it was a picture of me (I could be up to 20 years older than this topless girl, and my breast, were it exposed, would be out of the frame at the south end) so instead I giggled stupidly and felt absurdly flattered.
    Feminist fail. The SHAME!

  16. I feel another one of these dreams coming on in which I’m out somewhere and all of a sudden I realise I’ve forgotten to put on a bra and everyone can see my chest…

  17. Totally agree…it should be appropriate for the magazine audience. That is just unnecessary. Plus I agree with tanya! it looks like a mutant boob! x LondonZest

  18. Not sure if I’ve left a comment , sorry if I have, so dazed by the all flashing (more in Vogue this week) that I’m spending all my time buttoning up.

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