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That Christmassy feeling

The other day I took little L to Somerset House for a spot of ice skating. After the skates came off, we treated ourselves to vanilla cupcakes and danced around the gigantic Christmas tree. Ok, I didn’t dance, but I watched my daughter perform funny little ‘ballet’ moves, going round and round, losing herself in the classical music and the beauty of it all.

Stroking EVERY Santa at Winter Wonderland

I have always been a Christmas fan, but the Christmassy joy and enthusiasm that little L radiates is unrivalled. Being the emotional weepy wimp that motherhood has made of me, I had to fight back the tears, witnessing her unspoilt happiness.

All of a sudden, the magic in Christmas is back. And I realised how little it really takes to get me feeling all Christmassy:

– fairy lights on trees

– Christmas carols

– mince pies and mulled wine

– Starbucks red cups (not very traditional, I agree, but oh so tasty…)

Are you feeling it? What’s doing it for you?

Don’t forget to take part in Met Mum’s advent calendar. More details to follow on November 30th.


  1. I had a praline mocha from SBs the other day. Like a Quality Street Big Green in liquid form.
    I get christmassy doing my ‘how many working days til I’m off for Christmas’ countdown.

  2. Beautiful pictures! i can’t wait to go and visit a couple of places like that with my little one!

  3. I agree, children help you realise the magic of Christmas all over again 🙂 I too get excited by Starbucks cups and fairy lights, as well as falling snow, skiing, and wrapping presents!

  4. Kelleyn says

    Here in the states Starbucks always has peppermint brownies around the holidays. I can’t wait to get back from Florida, so I can begin decorating.

  5. I’m truly beginning to feel it! I’m holding myself from putting up the decorations because I refuse to do so until December, but I’M FEELING IT!
    (and the red cups are the new Christmas classic) x

  6. Wonderful photos! I’m really looking forward to Christmas after wading through it in the fog of having a 3 month old last year. Loving her hat too – do you mind me asking where you got it from?

  7. cheryl says

    I wasn’t that into Christmas last year as my brother passed away but this year, my son is 2 and is really into it and his excitement has given christmas a new lease of life for me. I love all the same things you mentioned but I have to say for me, sein my little boy opening his presents this year and sein santa as a proper little boy rather then a baby is what has made my christmas. He is so excited and so I am I! Enjoy xmas everyone xxx

  8. Well since I am a knitomaniac I find knitting fairies to go on top of christmas trees makes me go all christmas-gooey. Also I made a christmas pud in October but have since eaten it!

  9. I do love the season but there’s nothing that makes me feel more Christmassy than my kids’ excitement about it all. I’ve booked us a visit to Santa in his Reindeer lodge at London Zoo and I can’t wait to see their faces!

    These photos totally made my night 🙂

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