The Countdown to Christmas starts now

It’s here, it’s here, Christmas is here! Well, almost – Metropolitan Mum’s advent calendar starts tomorrow. And here are the rules:

As it is common practice with Advent Calendars, every day from December 1st to 24th holds a different treat. A treat that remains secret until the moment of opening the respective calendar door.

Every day, one of the doors will be opened, i.e. the treat that will be given away will be revealed. To stick to the original idea and keep the surprise effect, you will have to sign up the night before, not really knowing what’s behind the next day’s door. Trust me, the prizes are gorgeous and covetable. I will give you a little hint, but that shall be it.

If you want to be in the draw for tomorrow’s prize, leave a comment below. And maybe, the question of how to be cosy yet look glam on Christmas morning will be solved for you.

Everyone who told me they wanted to play here will be entered into the draw for tomorrow. For all the following days, please comment on the bottom of the respective post.


  1. Ooooo pretty please can I be entered in this! I normally look like a complete and utter frazzled mess come Christmas morning… help needed!

    Twitter: @sarahs_scribble

  2. Rachel S says

    Me me me!! Advent calendars make me regress 30 years and I behave like a small child.

  3. yes please! if it’s for a tiny person I can give to my friend’s new arrival!

  4. Pick me Pick me!!
    Can hardly believe 1st Dec is upon us! The days are slipping through my fingers.

  5. Am intruiged now – and hoping it’s more than a picture of a snowflake which was the least exciting door I ever opened on an advent calendar

  6. Carolinesweetie says

    I like this sort of advent calendar much more than I chocolate one.x

  7. Charlotte says

    Please count me in too… sounds a lot more exciting than a chocolate calendar!

  8. EMMA WALTERS says

    ooooh count me in, def in need of some glam in my life!!!

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