Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 17

Another British beauty brand I wouldn’t want to live without: Liz Earle, or rather their Hot Cloth Cleanser. Its gentle formulation makes it suitable for every skin type and age, i.e. mothers of teenage daughters might want to lock this one away.

The cream textured cleanser with cocoa butter and eucalyptus works in two phases. Phase one takes away all traces of makeup, even stubborn mascara or eyeliner. Phase two is the polishing. Using the muslin cloth, dead skin cells are gently dislodged and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.

Ta-dah, a new you just in time for Christmas. OK, maybe not completely new but definitely radiantly cleansed and polished.

And the Liz Earle Cleanser & Hot Cloth goes to: Olivia Kirby. Congratulations! Please email me and I will post it to you.

As for tomorrow – it’s a gorgeous little thing. A shame that it doesn’t come in my size…

Leave a comment below to be in the draw for the 18th day of the Advent Calendar.


  1. Carrie-ann says

    well done! I love Liz Earle. Please enter me for tomorrow

  2. cassie young says

    Wishing positive thoughts -maybe Sunday will be my day? Please include me! x

  3. you could always send me all of your suggestions 🙂 🙂
    i hope you are doing well, i haven’t been able to read blogs in awhile but i’ve missed ya!

  4. Arabella Bazley says

    Please enter me tomorrow. Many thanks and kind regards.

  5. amelia avossa says

    Heard good things about liz earle not had a chance to try any products tho!!! count me in then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Penny says

    Love Liz earle hot cloth – count me in for tomorrow please x

  7. claire woods says

    I’d love to enter for tomorrow whatever it might be.

  8. Hello there! I read in twitter that you’re missing your blog now that it’s been hyjacked by give aways! We are liking the gifts but I miss your old self too! Only a few more days hey? Lou x

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