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Ice cream and pixie dust

Because there has been a bit too much drama on this blog lately, now for some lighter entertainment: fashion. And because all my pocket money goes to tiles, taps and toilet bowls these days, I am concentrating my sartorial creativity on little L.

Pastels are all the range this coming season – or so I’ve been told. I was thinking pastel coloured ice cream shades mixed with the odd bit of a nautical theme. Also, everything ever so slightly fairy-inspired won’t go amiss with my Mini Sartorialist. This spring we are going to love:

Caramel Baby and Child’s yellow sun dress ( pictured above), metallic strappy sandals Vivi by Papouelli Shoes, apricot coloured pleated skirt from M&S Limited Collection for kids and classic cotton vest top by Petit Bateau.

Spring, we are ready whenever you are.


  1. all very pretty but especially the shoes! Little L has an enviable wardrobe of shoes!

  2. We’ve had quite a mild winter here in Chicago. Not quite spring yet, but I am getting excited about not wearing huge sweaters! Will have to go look around the shops.

  3. Ah spring came today and I am walking about in a t-shirt. You will know it is spring in London when the builders take off their shirts and sport bright red sunburn stripes.

  4. Hello, loving those spring-like clothes. I have to do a top-speed clothes shop tomorrow (for myself, not the kids), before I win Frump of the Year Award, but I will only have two hours in the shops to miraculously transform my wardrobe. Congrats on the teeny tiny pregnancy 🙂

  5. Those wee sandals are adorable. My daughter has reached the non-dress stage and is keen on white jeans with everything.

  6. Gorgeous. I have just bought my wee 11-month-old boy jeans with braces and a wee flat cap for his spring wardrobe… 🙂

  7. It’s really looking cool. Yes, sometimes you will not get the things that you want so much. I like to buy pinkish creamy color dress for my daughter. But finding difficulties.

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