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Lola Rose bracelet giveaway

There is not much a pregnant lady can do to be truly fashionable – at least not when you are, like me, four weeks away from giving birth and literally bursting out of all seams. However, one thing that won’t go amiss (and would make a brilliant baby shower / push present *hint hint*) is a bracelet.

I currently love those Miss Rose bracelets by British Designer Nikki Gerwirtz – they are made of semi-precious stones and contain a secret message that is only revealed to the carrier and the one who is giving it away. The one above says ‘Fab Mum’. Even better, you can win it. Just leave a comment below to be entered into the draw. Draw closes Friday, 31st of August at noon.

The ‘Miss Lola’ range is a collection of delicate, pretty pieces that individually convey messages of optimism and affection – super stylish, feel-good jewellery. The collection will be available at Debenhams.


  1. Beautiful, count me in please. Good luck over the next few weeks!

  2. Sandy Ferguson says

    I would love to be entered.
    Hope everything goes safe and smooth for you x

  3. Hi Deborah!

    I never enter comps because they’re always inundated by “compers” but you’re lovely and so is this bracelet and it would go really well with my “A Better Me” campaign. Fingers crossed!

    Mwah x

  4. I love the idea of a secret message and what can I say apart from the fact that you will be stunning even with only four weeks to go, but my that has just flown by!

  5. cheryl says

    I love bracelets like this as they are perfect when you have children, simple yet beautiful and easy to wear! I’d love to own this. I had my 2nd baby 13weeks ago, planned section and it was the best decision for me and my little one, it went really well and unlike my horrendous first birth, it was a wonderful experience and I’d do it again tomorrow, yes it was sore but mentally, I was a different person after the 2nd birth, calm and just really happy! The first time was a v sad time for me as it went so badly wrong, luckily my baby boy was ok, but I was very ill afterwards. I don’t normally talk about it but having read your recent post, I just wanted to wish you all the best, you’ll be just fine! This time it will be lovely for you too hun xx

  6. Gemma Turner says

    Wow it’s so gorgeous, and understated! I love it! xx

  7. It looks absolutely fabulous!!! I started reading your blog a couple months ago and just love it! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

  8. Miriam khamis says

    Beautiful bracelet, would love to adopt it!

  9. Nibi John Babu says

    The bracelet is beautiful! The color is lovely…my favorite color :D…Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂


  10. Emma Duke says

    I’m a new mummy of 3 weeks and winning this would be a lovely reminder that I’m doing ok when it’s three in the morning and my beautiful daughter just won’t sleep…

  11. Laura Harris says

    Gorgeous bracelet! Please count me in as I would soooooooo love to win this!

    Great website by the way, have really enjoyed reading some of the articles, although all the holiday pictures have left me feeling rather blue *sigh* (note to self – you deserve a holiday!)

  12. Lynsey S says

    I have no trousers that fit, I feel like a penguin, I puff like I am 80 and somebody is having a 24 hour party in my tummy, a bracelet would be lovely.

  13. I love Lola Rose, and collect it, but I’ve yet to try out the Miss Lola range. Thanks for the chance! x

  14. Rachel Parker says

    Please enter me. Love your blog. Currently 23 weeks and enjoying dressing the neat bump that has arrived before it becomes much larger!
    xx Rachel

  15. vicky conden says

    i love to win this bracelet as ive been buying lola rose since my daughter was born and this would be a lovely addition to my vast collection

  16. Karolina says

    I’m sure my preggers sister would love it 🙂 Fingers crossed! xx

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