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Baby haze

You unmistakably are a new mum if…

  • iPhoto asks you if you want to ‘import 124 new photos’ from your phone – after just one day
  • You are covered in either snot, poo, wee or vomit. Or any combination of the aforementioned
  • The one thing you really really want is a good night’s sleep
  • The one thing you most certainly won’t get any time soon is a good night’s sleep
  • You are so tired that even watching The Great British Bakeoff proves to be an intellectual challenge
  • You might have forgotten to brush your hair. And/or your teeth
  • You are wondering if your breasts could get any bigger. Only to discover the next day that yes, they can
  • You are leaking various bodily fluids. Constantly
  • Disney movies make you cry uncontrollably
  • You know the Gina Ford routines by heart. Your baby doesn’t


  1. Aww was thinking about you and I am sure you still pull the fabulous chic style even without sleep and hair brushed. She is so sweet xxx

  2. Awww. Do keep us updated on the Gina Ford routines, I’m very curious as to whether they work.

  3. So true!!! And she is soooo cute!
    I tried the Gina Ford routines with my oldest son…did not work on him at all, in fact I think I made it worse as he really wasn’t a “routine baby”..My youngest son got himself in to a routine after a while, and now third time round I think the baby would have to fit in to our mad-chaotic-already existing “routine”..Take care x

  4. I totally know what you’re talking about. Baby Linus is six weeks old on Thursday and slowly -very slowly- I am back to being my former self. Don’t give up. The day will come. ;o) BTW, she is adorable!

  5. Such a lovely photo. My daughter was a “Gina baby” but only, I am sure, because it suited HER personality. If we hadn’t read Ford my daughter would have fallen into the routine by herself. I’m under no illusion it would have worked for a different baby.

  6. Gorgeous! Ah I remember it well, and the fact that people kept on saying that it would get easier. She is over 2 years old now, I am waiting for that moment! 😉 If he’s not a Gina baby, it may be due to personality as Bornali said above. With my daughter I had to observe her for a couple of days, write times of everything that happened: feeds, naps, awake times and work out a schedule from there that suited her, she then proceeded to sleep pretty much 12 hours every night so I keep doing the same thing. She is stubborn as a mule that one (her mother being the mule).

    Best of luck!

  7. Congratulations!! I had been wondering if you’d given birth so came to see what was happening….what a beautiful baby x

  8. Kate Allott says

    She is beautiful and looks so peaceful (not sure how long it lasted!). You transported me back to the early days with your oh-so-true list. It made me laugh; hindsight is an excellent thing, it wasn’t so funny then! I remember that magic 6 week mark when we began to get into the swing of things. J was a 3 hourly routine so didn’t fit any book but we found a routine and settled down. Hang in there!

  9. Have been thinking about you! What a gorgeous little bundle she is. I remember this newborn stage all too well, and coincidentally recently posted about the crazy five stages I’ve been through so far with my little one ( Hope you get to stage 2 soon 🙂 Is it the same the second time round? Sending you love and zzz’s from your midnight latte fairy in Oz. xox

  10. Ah yes I remember it well (we’ll kind of, as I’m sure half my brain has turned to mush after 2 pregnancies!). She is gorgeous.

  11. So your sense of humour and your writing ability are intact, then. This is one of the funniest new mum posts I’ve ever read.

    She is BEAUTIFUL.

  12. I tried Gina Ford with number 2, but concluded within 2 or 3 days that if you hadn’t perfected it on a first baby (and I hadn’t even known about the book when I had number 1), the chances of you managing it on a new baby with an older child to attend to as well, are somewhere in the region of zero.

    The bit I couldn’t cope with was the morning. You seem to have a full morning’s activity before 7.00am, which is a pretty tall ask of a new mother, but if you add into the mix getting an older child up and about, then for me, it just became impossible.

  13. She’s gorgeous, lovely. Tried to comment on your previous post a while back but for some reason couldn’t!

    I remember a lot of this and while admittedly some of it makes me shudder, it’s so absolutely worth it for our little beauties 😉 Hope you’re coming out from the fog a little and things are looking brighter. Big hugs to you all x

  14. Truly beautiful. I have a 12month old and remember the early days very well. The first 6 weeks were such a haze for me, I never felt myself, which is making me hesitant to go through that again….even though I’d love another little one in about 2years time x

  15. So true in a few weeks you will feel so much better I think the first 6 weeks are hell sorry mums who think it was great. It is the lack of sleep and lack of control. But it does calm down make the most of the good moments the are so small for such a short time.

    Sending you lots of hugs and cuddles

  16. Humdrum Mum says

    Beautiful baby. And funny post, I remember most of them! -HMx

  17. I just had to come and see if there was a photo of new baba after you saying you’d had a bit of a day today on Twitter! She. Is. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. You go easy on yourself there lady, take it easy X

  18. Time flies so quickly, treasure these moments so you can remember them when she hits the teens.

  19. Hey MetroMum, as well as commenting above on beautiful baby, I wanted to reply to the comment you left me when I left blogging 9 weeks ago! I can’t seem to reply to that comment from you, so here it is. Thank you for your kind words, and I feel kinda ready to come back. I’m enjoying my Facebook page as A Humdrum Mum quite a bit at the moment. What to do? I need a mix of FB and blogging… – HMx

  20. Where have I been?! I can’t believe I missed the arrival of Petite Pea! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, pea, and vomit ;o)
    I hope you get that good night of sleep soon xx

  21. Stephanie says

    May I say that a lot of this list still applies for mother of a toddler…

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  23. Your bubs has the most beautiful lips! yes, I was an expert on Gina Ford too – unfortunately two of my four kids were not as convinced. The second one lapped it up, but he was already he was sleeping 12 hours at night as a newborn so I think I was preaching to the choir there. Keep going with the Gina though – it saved my life! (and allowed me to go out on the town with a clear conscience)

  24. She is gorgeous! No worries in a few weeks things will turn to worst hehehe Just hang on there and things eventually gets better and comfort yourself with some baby smell and everything is good again 🙂

  25. My first thoughts on seeing the photo was ‘oh I wish I could have a good sleep like that’.

  26. Jo Avery says

    Gorgeous baby, almost as stunning as the parquet floor I can see behind her 😉
    Hope all is going well and you are managing *some* sleep at least xxx

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