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The potatoe chips incident

This is how sleep deprived I really am:

The other night around 4am chez Met Mum. Sudden noises. Commotion. Someone switches on the bedside lamp. I blink. The husband passes me something heavy. I blink again. A heavy bag of potatoes. What did he just say?

Me: ‘Potato chips? You want me to make potato chips? Now??!!’

Big M: ‘Huh? What?’

Me (looking down into my lap): ‘Oh.’

Me (thinking): Oh. So no potatoes after all. It’s a baby! Oh. Oh. OH! It’s MY baby!


  1. Ha, the mind tricks that sleep deprivation plays upon you. I often woke up thinking that my pillow was actually the baby and I was lying on him by mistake. Funny now but not at the time.

  2. ha!!! That is histerical. Delirious much? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought all kinds of weird things when sleep-deprived w/ Madeline.


  3. oh darling you do sound very tired indeed, we need to go for tea (champagne) soonest! I have things for you and P (and little L) x

  4. That is hilarious! Hope sleep is soon around the corner for you! How old is your baby now? Would love to see some pictures of her too!

  5. Awww, poor you. Hope you get some quality sleep soon. At least this made for an amusing anecdote for your blog!

  6. Margarita says

    Aww mama! I think we all need to get some sleep around here. Last week I had convinced myself that baby sees ghosts & was communicating with them..

  7. That is hysterical! Sleep deprivation is a mind bending form of have made me want chips now though!

  8. lol you were probably having some wild culinary dream of yourself as Nigella making great vats of potato chips when Big M passed you something that looked like a bag of chips but turned out to just want to be fed!

  9. Ohh sweetpea – I feel for you! But this is quite a funny story. I must admit it’s one of things I take nightly pleasure in now; the knowledge that I will probably get a full night’s sleep now that our children are more grown up. It never fails to remind me of those long nights of sleep deprivation and be thankful they have passed. It will pass, promise! Lou x

  10. Ever since I had 2 children I have understood why people use sleep deprivation as a torture method!! This morning I put my flannel down the toilet after I washed my face.

    Please don’t try to eat the baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  11. That’s why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture you only identify when you have a baby

  12. Elsie button says

    I didn’t type those question marks, it was supposed to be smiley face?! Weird x x

  13. A couple of times I have held my travel card up to the front door expecting it to open – that is as mad as it gets…. xxxx :-0
    great post x

  14. that is HILARIOUS! i remember waking up and thinking my dog was the baby and one time mark raised his head and started patting the blanket…he thought the baby was there. baby has never been in our bed, haha!

  15. I know how you feel, absolutely sleep deprived! I used to wonder where my baby was when I woke up in the middle of a night in a fog after breastfeeding. Suddenly I wasn’t holding her anymore, where had she gone? And there she was, blissfully asleep beside me in her cot!

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