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A loser with lacking dress sense

no dress sense1

Having written a book and not having a publishing deal (yet?) has the potential to make you feel like the world’s biggest loser– especially when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realise that you are dressed like a clown with unruly hair.

no dress sense2

So in case you started asking yourself where Lil’ L has got the skill of randomly throwing outfits together from, look no further. She’s so me, it’s hilarious.

no dress sense3

Have a lovely weekend, all of you. May your mood be better than mine.

Disclosure: I might be PMS’ing. Either that, or I am pregnant again, eeeeeeeeek!!

28 Responses to “A loser with lacking dress sense”

  1. Jean (notsupermum)

    You both look gorgeous, and I love your daughter’s outfit. I on the other hand have started to resemble a bag lady :) p.s. Ooerr, preggers again?

  2. Julie

    You look a damn sight more stylish than I do most days!
    And I LOVE your floor..

  3. simone

    You two girls are beautiful….I wish I looked like that much of a loser ;) You both look wonderful :)

    I love the way little ones put their outfits together, it is hilarious….more is usually more….

    Keeping everything crossed for that publishing deal, what is taking those publishers so long, grrrr?! XX

  4. MrsB

    You couldn’t be a loser or unstylish even if you spent all your energy trying to be!

  5. Hannah Ruth

    You both look effortlessly cool. Your trenchcoat looks like mine, so I like your style!

  6. Stephanie

    Im loving your honesty as we often some women as superwomen and we do not see ourselves the same way as we actually look like, my comment? you look great.

  7. Rose

    ha ha! you both look good to me- colourful but good

    You do sound a bit PMS like to me my love, though also eeeekkkk but oohhhhh

    have a good weekend wherever you’re off to! xx

  8. nappyvalleygirl

    You look plenty stylish enough…and Little L looks very cool. If you came here you would be ultra chic – people go around in jogging pants all day.

  9. Victoria

    Love the casual thrown together look – looks great – seriously. Anyhow, anyone who wears Converse as much as me looks fab in my books. Happy Weekend.

  10. Jody Brettkelly

    Holey heck – she is so so adorable, with those lovely cheeks and that furry vest. people pay stylists good money to have that mix and match je nes se quoi (sp!). And you look fab, scarf trench and high tops and fab to go!

  11. Elsie Button

    Well I think you both look gorgeous xxxx have a lovely weekend x

  12. farfromhomemama

    The trusty mac and scarf combo. This is my throw on for looking semi reasonable on the streets of Zürich when I’m actually a real mess. Pregnant? Really? You’ll need two nannies – day and night.

  13. Ulli

    I think you look pretty awesome :) red pants…or are they leggings, in which case we have to talk;)

  14. Honest Mum

    Darling, you were born stylish & you guys looks as chic as ever! I’m sure it will happen. Re your book & wow let me know about possible baby no 3. That’s exciting.

    … I’m currently developing a TV project with a fab production company & hoping for a commission. Reality is not every project gets picked up or every book published, however brilliant but you keep pushing & hoping & writing and writing & developing….it’s all a journey & if it’s not this one, it will be the next or the one you never thought would happen & everything always takes time. x

  15. kelleyn

    No, I think you look fantastic! I was wondering what was going on with your book, and now I know. Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Bean

    I think you look lovely and your daughter is a beauty! Fingers crossed for a deal soon x

  17. helloitsgemma

    know the feeling, it’s not as warm as i’d like, then when it is warm I feel as if I have NOTHING to wear – I spent too much time at home and what started as easy got boring.

    don’t give up on the book. you will get a deal.

    a small spot of shopping can go a long way.

    great converse by the way.

  18. Carlie Lee

    I think you both look gorgeous! My youngest daughter wouldn’t wear anything but nylon fairy dresses for two years, so nothing’s as bad as that. Actually no. She’s into leotards now…

  19. Catherine

    Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t believe how big your daughter has gotten!
    You have a happy Monday and stay beautiful.

  20. Tanya (Bump2Basics)

    I define the unruly hair look, you have nothing to worry about! Keep on trucking with your book, you have come so far and we are all waiting for it!

  21. Xandi | The Mummy Scripts

    Oh please, you look gorge. Just having one of those days we ALL have (some more than others I can vouch) And Lil’ L rocks the gillet! ;-)

    Preggers?! Keep up posted hee hee x

  22. Cams

    Actually, you look good…effortless really.

    …but I like the messy, rough look :) .

    Cheers, Cams

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