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Sweden. Where the flowers and the mangos bloooooom…

‘I’m back!’ she said. Only to revert to radio silence. Looks like I’ve got my blogging mojo back, but I haven’t really found the time to form proper sentences from the random thoughts whizzing through my head (yes, I do hear voices, just in case you are still wondering). So before another year goes by, I’ll give you this:

I love how the Swedes are AH-MA-ZING at speaking English. But a few minor (ok, this is pretty MAJOR) bits just seem to slip through the cracks. Ahhhh, grocery shopping has never been more amusing. Cue hysterical giggles in the pet food aisle…

Also, just in case you speak a little bit of German, here’s a song about Sweden for you. It’s about mangos and elephants and how people just laugh and sing and dance here in Sweden. It’s totally accurate, obvs.

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